wholesale plants- from Abelia to Zygocactus 

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  • PlantSearchOnline.com is dedicated to helping nursery, landscape and green industry professionals find wholesale plants at wholesale nurseries, local and nationwide.
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  • These are wholesale growers/distributors that generally sell in large volume "to the trade", not to the public.
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  • This is your best place to search for wholesale landscape plants, local & nationwide- native, ornamental, woody, herbaceous, perennial, annual, tropical, indoor, trees, shrubs, groundcovers, bedding, broadleaf, evergreen, deciduous, foliage, bamboo, big trees, bromeliads, cactus, carnivorous, Christmas trees, conifers, cycads, ferns, edible fruit/nut, grasses, liners, natives, palms, rare/exotics, shade/flowering trees, shrubs, succulents, topiary, turf, vines, wetland and aquatics, arid/dry/xeric, bare root, liners, plugs, seedlings, cuttings, ball and burlap, box, and containers (see the Groups page).  Many plants listed have information like mature size, bloom color, USDA hardiness zones, Sunset climate zones, etc..

June 2014

varieties A-Z (by Genus/Scientific name)- trees, shrubs, 
groundcovers, topiary, perennials, annuals, tropicals etc.

 A- 4,521 varieties
Abelia to Aztecorum
 B- 1,006 varieties
Babiana to Byrsonima
 C- 4,540 varieties
to Cytisus
 D- 892 varieties
Daboecia to Dystillum
 E- 1,076 varieties
Ebenopsis to Eysenhardtia
 F- 516 varieties
Faedherbia to Furcrea
 G- 571 varieties
Gaillardia to Gypsophila
 H- 2,650 varieties
to Hystrix
 I- 955 varieties
to Ixora
 J- 533 varieties
Jacaranda to Justicia
 K- 205 varieties
Kadsura to Krugiodendron
 L- 1,554 varieties
Lablab to Lythrum
 M- 1,178 varieties
Maackia to Mysotosis
 N- 508 varieties
Nageia to Nyssa
 O- 267 varieties
Ochagavia to Ozothamnus
 P- 4,567 varieties
to Pyrus
 Q- 151 varieties
to Quisqualis
 R- 3,258 varieties
Radermachera to Ruttyruspolia
 S- 2,155 varieties
Sabal to Syzygium
 T- 1,084 varieties
Tabebuia to Typhia
 U- 81 varieties
Ucinia to Uvularia 
 V- 841 varieties
Vaccinium to Vrieseas
 W- 197 varieties
Waldsteinia to Wyethia
 XYZ- 194 varieties
to Zygocactus

some botanical societies


International Plant Propagators Society

American Association of Botanical Gardens & Arboreta Asheville NC Botanical Gardens Australian Systematic Botany Society Botanical Society of America
Botanical Society of Japan Botanical Society of Scotland Botanical Society of South Africa Botanical Society of the British Isles
Calgary Horticultural Society California Horticultural Society Connecticut Botanical Society Hawaiian Botanical Society
Horticultural Society of New York Massachusetts Horticultural Society Ontario Horticultural Association Ottawa Horticultural Society
Pakistan Botanical Society Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Royal Botanical Society of Belgium Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland
Royal Horticultural Society UK Southern Appalachian Botanical Society Torrey Botanical Society NYC Wellington NZ Botanical Society

some flower variety societies  
(also see same individual flower varieties groups- 
Clematis etc. on individual variety page- C for Clematis etc.)

A- Azalea Society of America

B- American Begonia Society

B- Begonia & Fuchsia Society- Canada

C- -American Camellia Society

C- International Camellia Society

C- Camellia- Royal Horticulture Society

C- National Chrysanthemum Society

C- British Clematis Society

C- International Clematis Society

C- American Clematis Society

D- American Dahlia Society

D- North American Dianthus Society

F- American Fuchsia Society

F- Australian Fuchsia Society

F- Fuchsia & Begonia Society- Canada

G- American Gloxinia and Gesneriad (African       Violet) Society

G- International Geranium Society

G- North American Gladiolus Council

H- American Hemerocallis / Daylilly Society

H- Heliconia Society International

H- British Hosta and Hemerocallis / Daylilly Society

H- Canadian Hemerocallis / Daylilly Society

H- American Hibiscus Society

H- Australian Hibiscus Society

H- American Hydrangea Society

I- American Iris Society

I- Historic Iris Preservation Society

I- Society for Siberian Irises

L- Manitoba Regional Lily Society

M- International Ornamental (Malus) Crabapple Society

M- Magnolia Society International

M- Magnolia- Royal Horticulture Society

N- American (Narcissus) Daffodil Society

N- (Narcissus) Daffodil Society

N- International (Nymphaea) Waterlily Society Water Gardening Society

N- North American (Nymphaea) Lily Society

O- American Orchid Society

O- Australasian Native Orchid Society

O- Cymbidium / Orchid Society of America

O- North of England Orchid Society

O-Norwegian Orchid Society

O-Orchid Society of South East Asia

O-Pacific Orchid Society- Hawaii

O-Philippine Orchid Society

O-UK Hardy Orchid Society

P- American Peony Society

P- British Peony Society

P- Canadian Peony Society

P- Heartland Peony Society

P- Plumeria Society of America

P- American Primrose (Primula) Society

R- American Rhododendron Society

R- Australian Rhododendron Society

R- Scottish Rhododendron Society

R- Swedish/Svenska Rhododendron Society

R- Rhododendron- Royal Horticulture Society

R- All-American Rose Selections

R- American Rose Society

R- Canadian Rose Society

R- Associazione Italiana della Rosa

R- Danish Rose Society

R- Finnish Rose Society

R- Rose Society of Northern Ireland

R- Royal National Rose Society

R- World Federation of Rose Societies

R- Danish Rose Society

R- Finnish Rose Society

R- Rose Society of Northern Ireland

R- Royal National Rose Society

R- World Federation of Rose Societies

R- Danish Rose Society

R- Finnish Rose Society

R- Rose Society of Northern Ireland

R- Royal National Rose Society

R- World Federation of Rose Societies

S- International (Syringa) Lilac Society

V- African Violet Society of America

V- American Gloxinia and Gesneriad (African Violet) Society

V- American Violet Society

V- Evening African Violet Club (email)

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