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All varieties listed here are contained in the search database, i.e. they can be found at a wholesale grower in the search database as they have been found in actual growers' availability/catalogs.  For maps and descriptions of USDA hardiness and Sunset climate zones and areas, visit the  Zones  page.

June 2014

name high ft wide ft USDA zones Sunset climate zones
Acrocomia 'Totai' Macaw/Macauba/gru-gru Palm



Adonidia merrillii- z10b,15',Dwarf Royal/Christmas Palm 15
Aiphanes caryotifolia- Peach Palm



Aiphanes erosa- Macaw Palm



Aiphanes- per nursery Palm



Allagoptera arenaria- 4-8'h,cluster,z9,Seashore Palm 4-8
Allagoptera brevicalyz- Palm



Allagoptera campestris- savanna stemless dwarf Palm



Allagoptera leucocalyz- Palm



Archontophoenix alexandrae- King Alexander Palm



Archontophoenix cunninghamianaSeaforthia-Piccabean Palm


Archontophoenix maxima- <75',Walsh River Palm -75


Archontophoenix myolensis- <60',Myola King Palm -60


Archontophoenix purpurea-<75'Mt.Lewis/ Purple King Palm -75


Areca / Chrysalidocarpus/Dypsis lutescens Palm



Areca australisica- Palm



Areca catechu- Betal Nut Palm 30-50


Areca guppyana- Palm



Areca latiloba- Palm



Areca triandra- Palm



Areca verstoaroa- Palm



Arecastrum romanzoffianum/Cocos Plumosa- Queen Palm



Arenga- per nursery Palm



Arenga caudata- Dwarf Fishtail Palm



Arenga engleri- 8-9'h,z9b,clumping,Sugar/Formosa Palm 8-9 clump 9b-
Arenga micrantha- Palm



Arenga microcarpa- Palm



Arenga pinnata- Sugar Palm



Arenga tremula- Dwarf Sugar/Philippine Palm



Arenga undulatifolia- Palm



Arenga westerhousii- Palm



Astrocaryum mexicanum- 7-8',Central Amer,Choco Palm 7-8


Attalea cohume- American Oil Palm



Beaucarnea guatamelansis- Pony Tail/Red Bush



Beaucarnea recurvata 'Gold Star' Bottle/Ponytail Palm



Beaucarnea recurvata- z9,15-20'h,Bottle/Ponytail Palm 15-20
Beaucarnea stricta- Ponytail/Bottle Palm



Beaucarnia- per nursery, Pony Tail Palm



Beccariophoenix madagascariensis- Window Pane Palm



Bentinckia nicobarica- India,<45',12'crown,Nicobar Palm -45


Bismarkia nobilis- 30-60'h,single,z9b,slow,Bismark Palm 30-60
Bismarkia nobilis 'Pure Silver' Bismark Palm 6


Bismarkia nobilis- silver Bismark Palm 6


Bismarkia nobilis 'Silver Select' Bismark Palm 6


Borassodendron machadonis- Malay/Thai,<50',1fan,Palm -50


Borassus aetheopum- Palm



Borassus flabellifer- 90'Asain Palmyra/Toddy/Sugar Palm 100


Brahea aculeata- Mexican Hesper Palm



Brahea armata clara- Mexican Blue Palm


Brahea armata-30-40'h,z8b,single,slow,Mexican Blue Palm 30-40
8b 10,12-17,19-29,H1
Brahea brandegii- 35-45'h,z9b,San Jose Hesper Palm 35-45
9b- 13,19,21-25,H
Brahea brandegiiXedulis- Palm



Brahea decumbens- 6x10',multi,Sierra Madre Palm 6 10

Brahea dulcis- z9,6-12x8',Sombrero/Rock Palm 6-12 8 9
Brahea edulis- 30'h,z8b,single,slow,Guadalupe Palm 30
Brahea eleganis- Franceschi Palm



Brahea moorie- Palm



Brahea nitida/prominens- Sonoran Blue/Liza/Oaxaca Palm



Brahea pimo- Mexico,12x7',Furry Hesper Palm 12 7

Brassiophoenix schumanii- New Guinea,Schuman's Palm



Butia archeri- Southern Brazil grasslands,dwarf Palm



Butia bonnettii- 12',Brazil,10x7',Palm 10-12 7

Butia campicola- Paraguay grasslands,z8, Palm

Butia capitata- 15'h,single,z8,Jelly/Coco/Pindo Palm 10-20 10-15 8b-10 8,9,12-28,H
Butia eriospatha- 15'h,single,z8,slow,Wooly Butia Palm 15
Butia microspadix- Parana Brazil,Dwarf Wooly Jelly Palm



Butia paraguayensis- 6x20',z8b,Dwarf Yatay Palm 6 20 8b
Butia purpurascens- Brazil grassland,Purple Yatay Palm



Butia yatay- 25'h,single,z8,slow,Yatay Palm 25
Butiagrus nabonnandii- 30',z8b,PindoXQueen,Mule Palm 30
Calamus caryotoides- 20x3',Fishtail Lawyer Cane Palm 20 3

Calamus inermis/giganteus/loeiensis/cambojensis- Palm



Calyptrcalyx spicatus- Palm



Calyptrocalyx elegans- Palm



Calyptrocalyx 'Mason Bon' Palm



Calyptronoma occidentalis- Jamaica,Long Thatch Palm



Carpentaria acuminata- 40'h,10'fronds,Carpentaria Palm 40


Caryota- Giant Fishtail Palm



Caryota gigas- Giant Fishtail Palm



Caryota laotinsis- Black Trunk Fishtail Palm



Caryota mitis- z10b,18',unusual leaf, Fishtail Palm 10-40 10-20 10b- 23-25,27,H2
Caryota- Solitaire Fishtail Palm



Caryota urens- Giant Fishtail Palm 50 15
Caryota urens- Solitaire/Toddy Fishtail/Wine Palm 50 15
Ceroxylon alpinum- 40x24',Andean Wax Palm 40 24

Chamaedorea- per nursery, Florida Palm

Chamaedorea cataractarum- SE MX,6x8',Cat/Cascade Palm 6 8 9
Chamaedorea costarincana- Costa Rican Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea elegans- 6',Parlor/Neanthe Bella Palm 03-10 3-6 9 16,17,22-25,27,H2
Chamaedorea ernesti-angusti- Palm

Chamaedorea erumpens/donnell-smithii- Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea florida- Florida Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea glaucifolia- 9-15',Glaucous Parlor Palm 9-15
Chamaedorea hooperiana- 12x10',Maya/Hooper's Palm 12 10 9
Chamaedorea klotzchiana- 12x6',Central America,Palm 12 6 9
Chamaedorea metallica- mini Silver Fishtail Palm 03
Chamaedorea microspadix-8'h,cluster,z9Hardy Bamboo Palm 8
Chamaedorea neuroclamys- Palm

Chamaedorea oblongata- 9x3',Fish-tail Palm 9 3 9
Chamaedorea plumosa- 20x3',MX,Mini/Baby Queen Palm 20 3 7
Chamaedorea radicalis-5'h,z9,Pringle's Feather Palm 5
Chamaedorea robusta- Good Luck Palm

Chamaedorea selfrizii- 3/4 shade site Bamboo/Reed Palm

Chamaedorea stolanifera- 5'hw,multi,Stolon Palm 5
Chamaedorea tepejilote- 20x7',Pacaya/Tepjilote Palm 20 7 9
Chamaerops excelsa- Palm



Chamaerops humilis cerifera- 10',z8,Silver Leaf Palm 03-20
8a 4-31
Chamaerops humilis cerifera 'Silver Select'MedFan Palm 03-20
8-10 4-31
Chamaerops humilis conduplicata- Palm 03-20

Chamaerops humilis elegans- Palm 03-20

Chamaerops humilis inermis- Palm 03-20

Chamaerops humilis- Mediterranean/European Fan Palm 03-20
8-10 4-31
Chamaerops humilis- Super Dwarf Palm 03-20

Chamaerops humilis tenuifrons- Palm 03-20

Chamberyonia macrocarpa- Red Feather Palm



Chrysalidocarpus lutescens- Areca Palm



Clinostigma ponapense- 60',Ponape Palm 60


Clinostigma samoensis- Samoan Palm



Coccothrinax species/hybrids per nursery,Silver Palm



Coccothrinax alta- Puerto Rican Thatch/Tyre Palm



Coccothrinax argentata- 6-9',Bahama Florida Silver Palm 6-9


Coccothrinax argentata- Florida Silver Palm



Coccothrinax barbadensis- Tyre/Barbados Silver Palm



Coccothrinax borhidiana- Cuba,Borhidis Guano Palm



Coccothrinax crinita- Guano Barbudo,Old Man Palm



Coccothrinax crinita variegata- Old Man Palm



Coccothrinax crinita vrevicinnis- Palm



Coccothrinax fragrans- Fragrant Cuban Thatch Palm



Coccothrinax inaguensis- Thatch/Inagua Silver Palm



Coccothrinax litoralis- Cuban Silver Palm



Coccothrinax miraguama- z10,solitary,20-40',Palm 20-40
Coccothrinax miraguama 'Arenicola' Palm



Coccothrinax miraguama- collected seed Palm



Coccothrinax miraguama 'Havanensis' Palm



Coccothrinax miraguama 'Macroglossa' Palm



Coccothrinax miraguama 'Roseocarpa' Palm



Coccothrinax proctorii- Cayman Thatch/Proctor's Palm



Coccothrinax readii- <15',Mexican Silver Palm -15


Coccothrinax spissa- Guano/Swollen Silver Thatch Palm



Cocos australis- 15-20'x10-15',18-36"leaf Pindo Palm 15-20 10-15

Cocos nucifera- Jamaican Certified Palm



Cocos nucifera- Maypan Coconut Palm



Cocos nucifera- Super Curve Maypan Palm



Cocos nucifera- Super Green Malayan Palm



Cocos nucifera- Yellow/Golden Malayan Palm



Cocos nucifera- z10b,50'+,Green Malayan / Coconut Palm 50-
Cocos plumosa/Syagrus romanzoffiana- 40',z9b,Queen Palm 40
Copernicia alba- 30',single,z9b,Caranday Palm 30
Copernicia baileyana- Bailey/Yarey Fan Palm



Copernicia berteroana- <35',Dyaré, Yarey Palm -35


Copernicia curbeloi- Cuban,Palm



Copernicia gigas- Cuban,<45',Giant Wax Palm -45


Copernicia glabrescens- Cuban,Guano Palm



Copernicia hospita- Silver Form/Cuban Wax Palm



Copernicia macroglossa- Cuban Petticoat Palm 13-16


Copernicia prunifera- Carnauba/Carnaubeira Wax Palm



Copernicia rigida- Cuban,Jata Palm



Copernicia suerona- Palm



Copernicia tectorum- Palma Llanera,Venezuelan Wax Palm



Cordyline 'Falcon' Palm



Cordyline 'Festival' Dracaena Palm



Corypha umbraculifera- Tailpot/Talipot Palm 80


Corypha utan/Corypha elata- Gebang/Cabbage Palm



Coryphoidaea corypheae- z5 Needle Palm

Cryosophila stauracantha- Silver Star Palm



Crysophila albida- Rootspine Palm



Cyrtostachys renda- Red Sealing Wax Palm 40


Dictyosperma album furfuracea- Princess Palm



Dictyosperma album- Princess/Hurricane Palm



Dictyosperma album rubra- Red Princess/Hurricane Palm



Drymophloeus (ptychosperma)- Papua NG,per nursery,Palm



Dypsis cabadae- Comores Islands,Cabada Palm



Dypsis crinita- <50',Madagascar,Vonitra Palm -50


Dypsis decaryi- Madagascar,Triangle Palm 18-20 12-15
Dypsis decipens- Madagascar,Manambe Palm



Dypsis lastelliana- Madagascar,Teddy Bear/Red Neck Palm



Dypsis leptecheilos- Madag.,Teddy Bear/Redneck Palm



Dypsis lucubensis- Madagascar,solitary,Lucuba Palm



Dypsis lutescens- Golden Cane/Butterfly/Areca Palm 05-28 20 10- 23-25,27,H
Dypsis madagascariensis- Madagascar/Malagasy Palm



Dypsis mahajanga- z10,Mealy Bug Palm



Dypsis mananjarensis- <75',Madagascar,Mealy Bug Palm -75


Dypsis pinnata/pinnatifrons/gracil-Pink Crownshaft Palm



Dypsis pusila- solitary,Date Palm



Elaeis guineensis/melanococca- <55',African Oil Palm -55


Encephalartos longifolius- narrow blue green leaf



Euterpa edulis- Juçara/Palmito/Assail Palm



Euterpe oleracea- Açaí/Assai/Pina/Cabbage Palm



Gastrococos crispa- Cuban Belly Palm



Gaussia attenuata- Palma de Sierra,Llume Palm



Gaussia maya- Maya Palm



Gaussia princeps- Palma de Sierra,Sierra Palm



Guihaia argyrata-4',z9,cluster,Silver Back/Guangxi Palm 4
Guihaia grossefibrosa- cluster,z9,Guangxi Palm

Hedyscepe canterburyana- feathery,Umbrella Palm 30 15 11 17,23-25,27,H
Heterospathe elata- Phillipine,Palma Brava,Sagisi Palm



Heterospathe negrosense- Palm



Heterospathe salomonesis- new leaf red, Palm



Heterospathe woodfordiana- Palm



Howea forsteriana- 60'x20',slow,protected,Kentia Palm 60 20

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis-Palmiste Gargoulette,Bottle Palm 16


Hyophorbe verschaffeltii- Palmiste Marron,Spindle Palm



Hyphaene- per nursery Palm



Hyphaene compressa- East African Doum Palm



Hyphaene coriacea- Ginger Bread/Lala/Ilala/Llala Palm



Hyphaene dichotoma- India,Furtado Palm



Hyphaene indica- India,Hoka tree Palm



Hyphaene natalensis- Gingerbread Palm



Hyphaene petersiana- Real Fan/Makalani/Veg.Ivory Palm



Hyphaene thebaica- NE Africa,Gingerbread/Doum Palm



Jubaea chilensis/spectabilis-50-80',z8b,Chile Wine Palm 50-80 25 8b 12-25,27-30
Jubaeopsis caffra- Pondoland/Caffra/Kaffir Palm



Kentiopsis/Mackeea magnifica- New Caledonia,Palm



Latania loddigesii- Blue Latnan Palm



Latania loddigesii-Mauritius,single,30',Blue Latan Palm



Latania lontaroides- 40x16',Réunion,Red Lantan Palm 40 16

Latania verschaffeltii-Mauritius,40x10Yellow Latin Palm 40 10

Licuala beccariana- New Guinea,15',Palm 15


Licuala glabra- Malaysia,Palmae,single,6',Palm 6


Licuala grandis- Ruffled Fan Leaf/Vanuatau Fan Palm 6


Licuala lauterbachii- 12',Papua NG,Bougainville Palm 12


Licuala paludosa- SE Asia,Swamp Fan Palm



Licuala peltata sumawongii-10',Thai/Mal,Sumawong's Palm 10


Licuala ramsayi- QLD/Mission Beach/Australian Fan Palm



Licuala spicata- Borneo,small,Palm



Licuala spinosa- Spiny Licuala/Mangrove Fan Palm



Livistona australis-40',z9,Australian Fountain/FanPalm 40-50 15 9 13-17,19-28,H
Livistona benthamii- QLD/PNG,50',6",Bentham's Fan Palm 50
Livistona chinensis subglobulosa-most cold hardyL.Palm 05-50
Livistona chinensis-25'h,1'd trunk,z9,Chinese Fan Palm 25-50
Livistona decepiens-30'h,RibbonFan/WeepingCabbage Palm 30
Livistona drudei- Queensland,50x7',single,Fan Palm 50 7

Livistona fulva- 25',z9b,QLD,Blackdown Tableland Palm 25
Livistona jenkinsiana-India,30',sngl,Major Jenkins Palm 30


Livistona mariae- Central Australian/Red Cabbage Palm



Livistona muelleri- 20',Queensland,Dwarf Fan Palm 20


Livistona nitida- 50x15',SW Queensland,Carnarvon Palm 50 15

Livistona rigida- 25-45',z8b,NW QLD,Mataranka Fan Palm 25-45
Livistona rotundifolia- Roundleaf/Footstool Palm



Livistona saribus- SE Asia,60',single,z9b,Taraw Palm 60
Livistona speciosa- Malay,40x15',Mountain Serdang Palm 40 15

Livistona/ carinensis- NE Africa,Bankouale/Nakilto Palm



Marojejya darianii- 20'+,Madagascar,Darian Palm 20-


Nannorrhops ritch/naud-5-25'h,z7b,hardiest,Mazari Palm 5-25
Neanthe/Chamaedorea elegans bella- Table/Parlor Palm



Neodypsis decaryi- Triangle Palm



Neoveitchia storckii- Palm



Normanbya normanbyi- Palm



Oenocarpus bacaba- Amazon,Turu Palm



Pachypodium lamerei- succulent Madagascar Palm 18 5
Pachypodium rutenbergianum- 10-25',Madagascar Palm 10-25


Palm- varieties per nursery



Panadanus utilis- z10a-11,4-6',Screw Pine Palm 4-6
Paurotis/Acoelorrh. wrightii- Evergreen/Everglades Palm



Phoenix rupi.Xcanari. no sucker,heavy,no fungus Palm



Phoenix acaulis- Dwarf Date/Stemless Palm



Phoenix canariensis- Pineapple/Canary Island Date Palm 60 50 8b 9,12-28
Phoenix canariensis X sylvestris- hybrid Date Palm 60 50
Phoenix dactylifera- 70'h,z8b,cluster,edible,Date Palm 70
Phoenix dactylifera 'Barhi' Date Palm



Phoenix dactylifera 'Dayri' Date Palm



Phoenix dactylifera 'Deglet Noor' open narrow Date Palm



Phoenix dactylifera 'Khadrawy' Date Palm



Phoenix dactylifera 'Medjool' 25'w,dense Date Palm 25 25

Phoenix dactylifera 'Zahidi' 25'w,dense Date Palm 25 25

Phoenix humilis- Dwarf Date Palm



Phoenix pendunculata- Dwarf Mountain Date Palm



Phoenix pusilla- Ceylon Date Palm



Phoenix reclinata- z9,30-40'hw,15'frd,Senegal Date Palm 20-40 20-30 9- 13,23-25,H2
Phoenix reclinataXrobelenii- SenegalxPygmy Date Palm



Phoenix reclinataXsylvestris- hybrid Date Palm



Phoenix roebelenii- 10'h,z9,cluster,Pygmy Date Palm 6-10 6-8 9 23-25,27
Phoenix roebeleniiXsylvestris 'Fluffy' Date Palm



Phoenix rupicola- Cliff/Wild/Indian Date Palm



Phoenix sylvestris-40'h,Silver/Wild Date/Sylvester Palm 40


Phoenix sylvestrisXdactylifera hyb Date/Sylvester Palm



Phoenix taiwaniana- Weeping Cabbage/Ribbon Palm



Phoenix theophrastii- Cretan Date/European Fan Palm



Pinanga kuhlii- Ivory Cane Palm



Pinanga maculata- Tiger Palm



Pinanga punicea pauana- Palm



Pritchardia hillebrandii- Loulou Lelo/Hillebrand Palm 20 8
Pritchardia kaalae- Hawaii,Waianae Range Palm



Pritchardia napaliensis- Kauai Hawaii, Nihoa Palm



Pritchardia pacifica- South Pacific,Fiji Fan Palm



Pritchardia remota- Nihoa Fan/Remote Island Palm



Pritchardia thurstonii- Fijee/Thurstons/Lau Fan Palm



Pseudophoenix sargentii- Buccaneer Palm



Pseudophoenix vinifera- Cherry Palm



Ptychoseperma elegans- Solitaire / Alexander Palm



Ptychosperma species- clumping, per nursery Palm

Ptychosperma borretianum- Palm



Ptychosperma caryotoides- Fishtail Solitaire Palm



Ptychosperma elegans- Alexander/Solitaire Palm



Ptychosperma hentyii- Palm



Ptychosperma lauterbachii- Lauterbach's Palm



Ptychosperma lineare- Lineare Palm Palm



Ptychosperma macarthurii- MacArthur Palm 10-25 12-15
Ptychosperma microcarpum-Papua NG,Tropical Cluster Palm



Ptychosperma- per nursery Palm



Ptychosperma propinquum- Aru Palm



Ptychosperma salomonensis- Palm



Ptychosperma schefferi- Scheffer's Palm



Ptychosperma waitianum- New Guinea,Giant/Raffia Palm



Raphia farinifera/ruffia- <55' frond/leaf,Raffia Palm -55


Raphia taedigera- Tagua/Yolillo Palm



Ravenala madagascariensis- Travelers Tree Palm 100


Ravenea glauca- Madagascar,Mini-Majestic/Sihara Palm



Ravenea rivularis- very large,Majesty/Majestic Palm



Rhapidophyllum hystrix- 5-10'hw,cluster,z7b,Needle Palm 5-10 5-10 7b 2-34
Rhapis excelsa- 7'h,Broadleaf Lady/Bamboo Palm 05-12 5-12 9- 12-17,19-28
Rhapis excelsa nana- super dwarf Lady Palm 05-12 5-12
Rhapis humilis- China,Slender/Dwarf Lady Palm 05


Rhapis multifida- 10'h,z9,Jade Empress/Finger Palm 10
Rhapis subtilis- Dwarf/Thailand Lady Palm



Rhapis 'Thailand' Thai Palm



Rhopaliblaste agusta- feather palm,moderate growth



Roystonea per nursery,Caribbean,Palm



Roystonea borinquena- Puerto Rico Royal Palm



Roystonea elata- Florida Royal Palm



Roystonea oleracea- Caribbean Royal Palm



Roystonea regia- Cuban/Florida Royal Palm 50-80 30
Sabal bermuda/blackburn-20',z8b,Palmetto/Riverside Palm 20
Sabal 'Birmingham' hardy Palm



Sabal blackburniana- Hispaniolan Palmetto Palm



Sabal causiarum- Puerto Rican Hat Palm



Sabal domingensis- Hispaniola/Dominican Palmetto Palm



Sabal etonia- z8b,no trunk,Florida Scrub Palmetto Palm

Sabal guatemalensis- 40'h,single,z8b,Texas/Maya Palm 40
Sabal louisiana-8' swampy Sabal Louisiana Palmetto Palm



Sabal major- Cabbage Palmetto Palm



Sabal maritima- Jamaca,20x12',Bull Thatch Palm 20 12

Sabal mauritiformis- 50',Savannah Palm 50


Sabal mexicana- Rio Grande/Oaxaca/Texas Palmetto Palm 30-50 12 9a 12-17,19-28,H
Sabal mexicana 'Riverside' Palm 30-50 12 9a 12-17,19-28,H
Sabal minor- 3-6'hw,z7b,Blue Stem/Dwarf Palmetto Palm 3-6 10 7b 12-17,19-28,H
Sabal palmetto- 40',z8b,Cabbage/Florida/Palmetto Palm 20-40 10-15 8-10 12-17,19-31,H
Sabal palmetto 'Riverside' Palm 20-25 10-15 7 12-17,19-31,H
Sabal princeps- Bermuda Fan Palm



Sabal pumos- 20x10',Palma Real/Royal Palmetto Palm 20 10

Sabal rosei- west Mexico,Llano Palmetto Palm



Sabal texana/mexicana- 40'h,Texas/Mexican Palmetto Palm 40


Sabal texensis- 25'h,single,z8b,Texas,Brazoria Palm 25
Sabal uresana- 30'h,z8b,Sonoran Blue Palmetto Palm 30
Sabal yapa- west Carribean,Bay Palmetto,Thatch Palm



Salacca walickiana- Palm



Salacca zalacca- Indonesia,Salak/Snake Palm



Satakentia liukiuensis- Satake Palm



Schippia concolor- Mountain/Silver Pimento Palm



Seaforthiia elegans (Arcontophoenix cunning.)-King Palm



Serenoa repens- 3-6',multi,z8b,Saw/Scrub Palmetto Palm 3-6
Serenoa repens cinerea- 4-6',multi,Silver Saw Palm 4-6


Socratea durissima- Palm



Syagrus amara- Overtop/Moca Palm



Syagrus archalavanta- Pati Queen Palm



Syagrus botryophora- Brazil,Pati Queen Palm



Syagrus campylospatha- Paraguay,Palm



Syagrus cearensis- Brazilian Twin Palm



Syagrus coronata- Brazil,Licury/Licuri/Ouricury Palm



Syagrus costea- Palm



Syagrus flexuosa- Coco Do Vaquiero/Acumã Palm



Syagrus macrocarpa- Maria Rosa/Maripa Palm



Syagrus orinocensis- Orinoco river,Columbian Palm



Syagrus picrophylia- Brazil,Palm



Syagrus pseudococos- Piririma Coconut/Coco Verde Palm



Syagrus roman.X Butia capitata- Mule Palm



Syagrus romanzoffiana- 40'h,z9b,Coco Plumosa/Queen Palm 40
Syagrus romanzoffiana 'Silver Queen' Coco Plumosa Palm



Syagrus ruschiana- Rock Coconut Palm



Syagrus sancona- Giant/Columbian Foxtail Palm



Syagrus schizophylla- Brazil,Aricury/Arikury Palm



Syagrus X Butia- Palm



Synecanthus fibrosus- Palm



Syragrus romanzoffiana- Cocos Plumosa/ Queen Palm 50 20-25
Thrinax acanthocoma-15'h,single,z8,Spiny Fiber Palm 15


Thrinax campestris- 15'h,z8,So.American Needle Palm 15
Thrinax excelsa- Giant Thatch Palm



Thrinax morrisii- Silver/Florida Key Thatch Palm



Thrinax parviflora- Broom/Mountain Thatch Palm



Thrinax radiata- z10b,20',Florida/Green Thatch Palm 20
Trachycarpus fortunei 'Takil' z8a,Windmill Palm 15-30 08-12 8-10 4-24,26-31
Trachycarpus fortunei 'Taylor's Hardy' z8,Windmill Palm 15-30 08-12 8-10 4-24,26-31
Trachycarpus fortunei- z8,multistem hardy Windmill Palm 15-30 08-12 8-10 4-24,26-31
Trachycarpus fortunei- z8a,Bulgaria form hardy Palm 15-30 08-12
Trachycarpus fortunei-25'h,z7,Chinese/Windmill/Fan Palm 15-30 08-12 8-10 4-24,26-31
Trachycarpus latisectus-40',z8,Windamere/Sikkim Palm 40
Trachycarpus martianus- Palm



Trachycarpus 'Naga Hills' Palm



Trachycarpus nanus- Palm



Trachycarpus oreophilus- Palm



Trachycarpus princeps- Palm



Trachycarpus takaghii- Palm



Trachycarpus takil- 30'h,single,z8,slow,Takil Palm 30
Trachycarpus takil- hardy Kumaon Palm



Trachycarpus wagnerianus-20'h,z8,Dwarf Windmill Palm 20
Trithrinax acanthacoma- Spiny Fibre Palm



Trithrinax campestris- Blue Needle Palm

Veitchia arecina- Sunshine Palm



Veitchia joannis- Palm



Veitchia macdanielsii- Sunshine Palm



Veitchia merillii- Adonidia Palm



Veitchia montgomeryana- Montgomery/Christmas Palm



Veitchia spiralis- Palm



Veitchia vitensis- Palm



Veitchia winn- Winin Palm



Verschaffeltia splendida- Stilt Root Palm



Wallichia densiflora- Wallich Palm



Wallichia disticha- Sikkim Traveler's Palm



Washingtonia filifera- 50' California/Desert Fan Palm 50-60 20
Washingtonia filifXrob.filibusta-50-70'h,z9,Fan Palm 50-70
Washingtonia robusta-70-100'h,z9,Mexican Fan Palm 70-100 10 9 8-28,H
Wodyetia bifurcata- z10,30',fast,soils tol.Foxtail Palm 30
Zombia antillarum- Zomie Palm




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