wholesale deer proof plants and deer resistant plants

 also- plants that attract deer

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Plant varieties listed below are generally considered unpalatable to deer.  However deer appetites can vary, according to the area, age of plant, the season, and changing deer tastes.  Generally, ground hugging/matting plants do better  as they are at a less convenient height.  No guarantees.

   June  2014

 plants that attract deer

name type subtype leaf
Azalea woody shrub broadleaf
Camellia woody shrub evergreen
Chamaecyparis thyoides- Atlantic Whitecedar Falsecypress conifer tree evergreen
Chionanthus virginicus-z4-9,Grancy/Fringetree/Graybeard woody shrub-tree Broadleaf
Cornus mas- 25'x20',yllw,Corneliancherry Dogwood edible shrub deciduous
Euonymus alatus- z4-8b,15-20',Winged E./ Burning Bush woody shrub deciduous
Hedera helix- z3,6-8",ground/climbing English Ivy vine vine GroundCover evergreen
Hydrangea macrophylla- Bigleaf Hydrangea, per nusery woody shrub deciduous
Hydrangea macrophylla Lacecap &/or Mophead-Hortensia woody shrub deciduous
Hydrangea quercifolia- z5-9,4-8'hw Oakleaf Hydrangea woody shrub deciduous
Magnolia soulangiana- z5-9,Saucer/Jap./Orient/Magnolia woody tree deciduous
Malus pumila fruiting Apple. edible tree deciduous
Pinus strobus- z3-8,80'x40',Eastern White Pine conifer tree evergreen
Prunus fruiting Cherry. edible tree deciduous
Prunus fruiting Peach. edible tree deciduous
Prunus fruiting Plum. edible tree deciduous
Prunus persica- 15-25', Flowering Patio Peach edible tree deciduous
Pyrus- Pear woody tree deciduous
Rosa- Rose woody shrub deciduous
Sorbus- Mountainash woody tree Broadleaf
Taxus baccata- z5b-7,30-60x15-25',English/Common Yew conifer shrub-tree evergreen
Taxus brevifolia- z4-7,15'x20',spreading,Pacific Yew conifer shrub-tree evergreen
Taxus cuspidata- 5-40'x8-40' per nursery / Japanese Yew conifer shrub-tree evergreen

 deer proof, deer resistant plants

name type subtype leaf
Abelia grandiflora /rupestris- z6-9,3-6',Glossy Abelia woody shrub semi-evgreen
Abies  Fir conifer tree evergreen
Acacia- per nursery woody shrub/tree evergreen
Acaena-  New Zealand Burr perennial

Acanthus- Bear's Breeches perennial sub shrub evergreen
Acer circinatum- z5,10-25'(multi)shrub/tree,Vine Maple woody tree deciduous
Acer palmatum- per nursery, Japanese Maple/s woody tree deciduous
Acer rubrum 'October Glory' 40-50' fall color Red Maple woody tree deciduous
Acer saccharinum- z3,70',Soft/White/River Silver Maple woody tree deciduous
Acer saccharum- z4-8,60-75',Hard/Rock Sugar Maple woody tree deciduous
Achillea- z3-8,2-3'h,Yarrow, per nursery perennial

Aconitum- Monkshood perennial

Actaea- see Cimicifuga perennial

Adenophora- Lillybell,Lilyleaf perennial

Adiantum pedatum- z2-8,12-30"Maidenhair/Fivefinger Fern fern Bed/Garden foliage
Aegopodium podigraria-1'x2',mat,Goutweed/Bishop's Weed perennial GroundCover deciduous
Aesculus- Horsechestnut/Buckeye woody tree deciduous
Agapanthus africanus/praecox- Lily of the Nile perennial Bed/Garden tropical
Agastache- Giant / Mexican Hyssop perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Agastache foeniculum- Lavender/Anise Hyssop wildflower perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Agave- succulent, Century Plant succulent
Ageratum houstonianum- 1-2'h,Whiteweed, Floss Flower annual bedding tropical
Ajuga- Bugleweed/Carpetbugle,grc perennial GroundCover evergreen
Akebia quinata- z4,fast,Fiveleaf/Chocolate/Akebia vine vine GroundCover semi-evgreen
Albizia julibrissin- multi,20-35'hw,Mimosa/SilkTree woody tree tropical
Alcea rosea- Hollyhock perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Alchemilla mollis- 1x4',z3,chartreuse,Lady's Mantle perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Allium- Ornamental Onion/Garlic/Chives, varieties perennial
Allium- Chive perennial

Aloe- succulent succulent tree foliage
Althea-Hibiscus syriacus woody shrub broadleaf
Alyogyne huegelii- 5-8'hw,single,Blue Hibiscus perennial

Alyssum (Aurinaria)- Madwort perennial

Amaryllis belladonna- white,pink,red,Naked Lady perennial

Amelanchier canadensis- z3,6-20' Shadblow Serviceberry edible Shrub-Large deciduous
Amsonia- Blue Star perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Amsonia tabernaemontana- z3,2-3',arching,Blue Star perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Anaphalis margaritacea- z4-7,18-24",Pearly Everlasting perennial Bed/Garden
Andropogon gerardii-z4-8,5-8' bronze Big Bluestem grass grass

Anemone- Windflower perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Anemonella thalictroides- 6",Anemone Rue wildflower perennial Wildflower
Anethum graveolens- herb, Dill perennial

Angelica- Alexander,Masterwort perennial

Angelonia 'Deep Plum' Angelmist perennial subshrub
Anisacanthus wrightii- thicket,bright orange tubular perennial
Anisodontea hypomandarum- evgrn shrub,Cape Mallow woody shrub evergreen
Antennaria dioica 'Rubra'z3,silver carpet,red,Pussytoes perennial

Anthemis tinctoria-  lemon,Golden Marguerite perennial

Antirrhinum majus- sun,1-3',mixed yllw-brown,Snapdragon perennial

Aquilegia- yellow spring bloom Columbine perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Aquilegia-  Columbine wildflower perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Arabis- Rockcress perennial

Arabis- Rock Cress perennial GroundCover
Arctostaphylos- Manzanita woody shrub evergreen
Arctostaphylos u.u' Bearberry / Kinnikinick woody GroundCover evergreen
Arenaria montana- z4,4-6",mat,white,Sandwort perennial GroundCover evergreen
Argyranthemum- Marguerite Daisy perennial

Argyranthemum frutescens- 14-18",z9-10,Marguerite perennial

Arisaema dracontium- Jack in the Pulpit wildflower perennial aroid foliage
Aristolochia macrophy./grandiflora-Dutchman's Pipe vine vine
Armarygia- large,frag,rose-white,Naked Lady


Armeria maritima- 6-12", Common Thrift/Sea Pink grass grass

Artemisia-  Sagebrush,Wormwood perennial

Artemisia 'Powis Castle' z5-10,2',lacy,mound,Wormwood perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Arum italicum- z5,1',Italian Arum/Calla perennial aroid foliage
Aruncus- Goat's Beard perennial Bed/Garden
Arundo donax- z5,6-15',vertical,Giant Reed grass palm/cycad grass tropical
Asarum canadense- z3-8,6-12"Canadian Wild Ginger perennial Wildflower evergreen
Asarum caudatum- z4,4"h,brown,Wild Ginger perennial GroundCover evergreen
Asclepias curassavica- 4x2',Milk Weed / Butterfly Weed perennial subshrub tropical
Asclepias tuberosa-2-3'orangeButterfly Weed wildflower perennial Wildflower tropical
Asimina triloba-15-20'(multistem)fruiting Common Pawpaw woody shrub Broadleaf
Aster perennial

Astilbe- False Spirea / Meadow Sweet perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Astrantia major- Greaterx Masterwort perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Athyrium- Northern Lady Fern fern

Aucuba japonica- 6-10'upright,green Aucuba woody shrub foliage
Aurinia (Alyssum) saxitilis- z3-7,8-12",Basket of Gold perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Bamboo- Bamboo bamboo grass tropical
Bambusa vulgaris- 65',5"c,z9b, Common Bamboo bamboo grass tropical
Baptisia- False/Wild Indigo perennial

Baptisia Indigo/White Wild Indigo perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Beaucarnea recurvata- z9,15-20'h,Bottle/Ponytail Palm palm

Begonia- per nursery perennial bedding foliage
Begonia semperflorens-cultorum- Wax Begonia perennial bedding tropical
Belamcanda chinensis- z5-9,3-4',orange,Blackberry Lily perennial
Berberis- Barberry woody shrub broadleaf
Bergenia- Pigsqueak perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Berlandiera lyrata- z6,18",arid,yellow,Chocolate Flower perennial

Betula nigra 'Heritage' z4-7,50',vigorous,River Birch woody tree deciduous
Betula papyrifera-z2,50-70',exf,Paper/White/Canoe Birch woody tree deciduous
Bignonia capreolata-30'+twining,Trumpetflower/Crossvine vine
Blechnum spicant- z5-8,8-20"h,evgrn,Deer Tongue Fern fern

Blephilia ciliata- Downy Wood Mint wildflower perennial

Boltonia asteroides-2-4'wht/pnk False Aster wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Borago officinalis- pot-herb/salad,medicinal,Starflower annual

Bougainvillea per nursery woody vine/bush tropical
Bouteloua gracilis- z4-9,Mosquito/Blue Grama grass grass

Bracteantha bracteata 'Sundaze ' z9,1'h,Strawflower annual

Brodiaea californica- 2'h,Wild Hyacinth perennial

Brodiaea congesta- z5-7,3' Harvest Lily, Blue Dicks perennial

Brodiaea coronaria- 6"h,Harvest/Crown Brodiaea perennial

Brunnera macrophylla- z3-7,12x18",blue,Siberian Bugloss perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Buddleia davidii- per nursery,Butterfly-bush woody shrub semi-evgreen
Buphthalmum salicifolium-low,ylw,Willowleaf Oxeye Daisy perennial

Buxus- Boxwood, per nursery woody Shrub foliage
Buxus sempervirens- z6-8,15-20'Common/Eng/Amer.Boxwood woody shrub evergreen
Calamagrostis acutifolia- Feather Reed Grass grass Bed/Garden semi-evgreen
Calendula- orange, Marigold


Calibrachoa- per nursery


Calliandra californica- red Baja Fairy Duster, 6'hshrub woody shrub/tree tropical
Calliandra californica X eriophylla- Maricopa Red woody shrub/tree tropical
Calliandra eriophylla- Pink Fairy Duster woody shrub/tree tropical
Calliandra haematocephala 'Nana' dwarf Powder Puff woody shrub tropical
Calliandra haematocephala/inaequilatera-Pink PowderPuff woody shrub tropical
Calliandra inaequilatera/hae- 10',Pink Power Puff woody shrub/tree tropical
Callicarpa americana- 3-8' lav. American Beautyberry woody shrub broadleaf
Callistemon citrinus-z8b,10-15',erect,Lemon Bottlebrush woody shrub/tree tropical
Calluna vulgaris- z4-6b,4"-36"hw,Scotch/Ling Heather woody shrub scaleleaf
Calocedrus decurrens 'Aureovariegata' 12', Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Calocedrus decurrens 'Barrima Gold' Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Calocedrus decurrens 'Compacta' Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Calocedrus decurrens 'Maupin Glow' Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Calocedrus decurrens 'Pioneer Sentry' Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Calocedrus decurrens 'Variegata' Incensecedar conifer tree evergreen
Caltha palustris- z4,Marsh Marigold aquatic,wildflower perennial wetland-aquatic
Calycanthus floridus- 6-9'x6-12' Sweetshrub / Allspice woody shrub Broadleaf
Calycanthus occidentalis- z7-9,red,Western Sweetshrub woody shrub deciduous
Camassia- per nursery, Camas, Quamash perennial

Campanula- per nursery,Bellflower perennial

Campanula carpatica- z3,15",violet, Bellflower perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Campanula medium- 30"h,Canterbury Bells,Bellflower perennial

Campanula poscharskyana- z3-7,1'h,Serbian Bellflower perennial GroundCover
Campsis radicans- orange Trumpetcreeper/Trumpet vine vine
Caragana arborescens- z2,12-15'h,ylw,Siberian Pea Shrub woody shrub Broadleaf
Carex- per nursery, Sedge, grass grass

Carpenteria california- 6-12'h,fragrant,Bush Anemone
shrub evergreen
Carpinus betulus- z4b-7,60x40',European Hornbeam woody tree deciduous
Carpinus caroliniana-z4,25'Hornbeam/Ironwood/Blue Beech woody tree deciduous
Carya cordiformis- 50-75' Bitternut / Swamp Hickory woody tree deciduous
Carya illinoinensis- z5-9,70-100'x40-75' native Pecan woody tree deciduous
Carya ovata- 60-80'+ oblong Shagbark Hickory woody tree deciduous
Caryopteris clandonensis- Bluebeard, Blue Spirea perennial Shrub-Dwarf Broadleaf
Cassia/Senna alata- 8-12'h/wider,dec. Candlestick Bush woody tree tropical
Castanea mollissima- 40-60'hw,z4-8, Chinese Chestnut woody tree Broadleaf
Catalpa bignoniodes- 30-40'broad round Southern Catalpa woody tree deciduous
Catalpa speciosa- z4-8b,50x30',Northern/Western/Hardy C woody tree deciduous
Catananche caerulea- z4,18-24",blue,Cupid's Dart perennial

Catharanthus roseus- Madagascar Periwinkle perennial subshrub tropical
Ceanothus- per nursery, Wild Lilac woody shrub evergreen
Cedrus- per nursery, Cedar conifer tree evergreen
Cedrus atlantica- z6-9,60x40',Blue Atlas Cedar conifer tree evergreen
Cedrus deodara- z7-9,70' Deodar/Himalayan Cedar conifer tree evergreen
Celastrus loeseneri- z5-8, Thornianus Bittersweet vine vine
Celastrus scandens- z4,20'+ American Bittersweet vine vine
Celtis occidentalis- z3-9,60'+hw,Northern Hackberry woody tree deciduous
Centaurea- per nursery perennial

Centranthus ruber- Red Valerian, Jupiter's Beard perennial

Cephalanthus occidentalis- z4-9,3-6' Buttonbush aquatic perennial Shrub-Dwarf Broadleaf
Cephalotaxus harringtonia- 5-10'shrub Japanese Plum Yew woody shrub evergreen
Cerastium tomentosum columnae- wht,4"h,Snow in Summer perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Cerastium tomentosum- z4,10"grcvr,white,Snow in Summer perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Ceratonia siliqua- z9a,multi/shrub/tree,Carob Tree woody shrub/tree evergreen
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides-Blue Plumbago/Leadwort,grc perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Ceratostigma willmontianum 'My Love' blue flwr,gold lf perennial shrub deciduous
Cercis canadensis 'Alba' 25',white, Eastern Redbud woody tree deciduous
Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' purple Eastern Redbud woody tree deciduous
Cercis occidentalis-to 29x35',Western/California Redbud woody shrub/tree deciduous
Cercocarpus montanus- z3,12',True Mountain Mahogany woody tree
Chaenomeles- per nursery, Flowering Quince woody shrub deciduous
Cham.obtusa- z5-8, Jap. Fernspray Hinoki Falsecypress conifer tree evergreen
Cham.pisifera filifera- green Threadleaf Falsecypress conifer tree evergreen
Cham.pisifera- Japanese/Sawara Falsecypress conifer tree evergreen
Chamacyparis Thuja gold/green conifer
Chasmanthium/Uniola lat- Inland/Northern Sea Oats grass grass Bed/Garden
Chelone glabra- z3,2-4'h,White Turtlehead wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' Pink Turtle Head aquatic perennial wetland-aquatic Broadleaf
Chionanthus retusus- z5b-8,15-25',Chinese Fringetree woody shrub/tree Broadleaf
Chionanthus virginicus-z4-9,Grancy/Fringetree/Graybeard woody shrub/tree Broadleaf
Choisya ternata- z8,6-8',orange,fragrant,Mexican Orange woody shrub evergreen
Chrysanthemum- SEE Leucanthemum, Mums perennial bedding tropical
Chrysogonum virginica 'Allen Bush' z5-9,6",Goldenstar perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Chrysopsis mariana- z4-7,2-3'h,Maryland Golden Aster perennial

Chrysothamnus depressus- Longflower Rabbitbrush


Chrysothamnus nauseosus- z3,2'h,Rubber Rabbitbrush woody shrub
Chrysothamnus nauseosus albicaulis- Whitestem Chamisa woody shrub
Chrysothamnus nauseosus 'Compact' Rubber Rabbitbrush woody shrub
Chrysothamnus nauseosus 'Graveolins' Rubber Rabbitbrush woody shrub
Chrysothamnus nauseosus nauseosus- Dwarf Chamisa woody shrub
Chrysothamnus visidiflorus- z3,2',Low Green Rabbitbrush


Cimicifuga racemosa- Fairy Candle / Bugbane wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Cistus- per nursery,Rock Rose woody shrub evergreen
Cladrastis kentuckea/lutea- z4-8,50'American Yellowwood woody tree deciduous
Clarkia amoena 'Satin Mix' Godetia / Farewell to Spring


Clematis- z3,climbing,vine,Virgin's Bower,Daylily vine
Clethra alnifolia-Coastal Sweet Pepperbush,Summersweet woody shrub deciduous
Clivea miniata- z9-11,2'hw,strapleaf,orange,Kafir Lily perennial
Coleonema (Diosma) album- 5',White Breath of Heaven


Coleonema pulchellum- z8-11,Pink Breath of Heaven woody shrub evergreen
Comptonia peregrina- z3,2-4'x4-8',summer pink,Sweetfern woody shrub deciduous
Convallaria majalis- 4-8"Lily of the Valley wildflower perennial GroundCover deciduous
Coprosma repens/baueri- z9, Mirror Plant woody shrub evergreen
Coreopsis- per nursry,Tickseed perennial bedding tropical
Coreopsis grandiflora- Tickseed perennial bedding tropical
Coreopsis lanceolata- 2'h,yellow,Lance leaf Tickseed perennial bedding tropical
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' vertic.,z4-9,1-2',yellowmTicksee perennial bedding tropical
Coreopsis tinctoria- Nuttall,Tickseed perennial bedding tropical
Coreopsis verticillata- Threadleaf Tickseed perennial bedding tropical
Cornus alternifolia- z4-7,15-25',tiered,Pagoda Dogwood woody tree deciduous
Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring'NOanthracnoseDogwood woody tree deciduous
Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess'early 5"white Dogwood woody tree deciduous
Cornus florida rubra- 20-30',pink/red flowering Dogwood woody tree deciduous
Cornus kousa- z4b-8,25'hw,white Chinese/Kousa Dogwood woody tree deciduous
Cornus sericea/stolon.- redtwig 8' Redosier Dogwood woody shrub deciduous
Cornus sericea/stolon.- yellowtwig 8' Redosier Dogwood woody shrub deciduous
Corokia cotoneaster-z7-9,5-8'h,tangle,Wire Netting Bush woody shrub evergreen
Correa pulchella- Australian Fuchsia woody shrub
Cortaderia selloana- 8-10'x6-8' round arch.Pampas Grass grass shrub
Corydalis lutea-z5,1',all summer,Yellow bleeding Hearts perennial GroundCover
Corylus americana- 8-15'(mlt) American Filbert/Hazelnut edible Shrub-Large deciduous
Corylus avellana 'Contorta' Filbert/LaudersWalkingStick edible shrub deciduous
Corylus avellana 'Contorta' std/stk Contorted Filbert edible topiary deciduous
Corylus avellana 'Epsilon / Lewis' Filbert edible shrub deciduous
Corylus avellana 'Fusco-rubra'15'purpleleafEuro.Filbert edible shrub deciduous
Corylus avellana Lauder Walkingstick Filbert/Hazelnut edible shrub deciduous
Corylus colurna- 45'x15-30'pyr.Turkish Filbert/Hazelnut woody tree deciduous
Corylus cornuta californica- Western Filbert/Hazelnut woody shrub deciduous
Corylus cornuta- z4-8,4-8'hw,Beaked Filbert/Hazelnut woody shrub deciduous
Corylus heterophylla- z5,25',nuts,sh/tree,Dwarf Filbert woody
Cotinus obovatus- z4,25'x20',round,American Smoke Tree woody tree deciduous
Cotoneaster- per nursery/espalier/etc. woody topiary broadleaf
Cotoneaster adpressus'Tom Thumb/LittleGem'1'x5'Creeping woody GroundCover broadleaf
Crataegus- per nursery, Hawthorn, Mayhaw / Hawthorn woody tree deciduous
Crataegus laevigata- z5,6-15'English Flowering Hawthorn woody tree deciduous
Crataegus oxyacantha- homeopathic,Hawthorn,May bush woody tree deciduous
Crinum americanum- 2',z8,wetland,Swamp / Bog Lily perennial bedding tropical
Crocosmia- per nursery, Montbretia perennial bedding tropical
Cryptomeria japonica- z5-8,55'x25' Japanese Cedar conifer tree evergreen
Cupressocyparis leylandii- z6-9,60' Leyland Cypress conifer tree evergreen
Cupressus- per nursery, Cypress conifer tree evergreen
Cupressus macrocarpa- z7-9,30-50' Monterey Cypress conifer tree evergreen
Cycas revoluta-4-8'hw,cluster,z6,Cycad King Sago Palm cycad palm tree tropical
Cyclamen hederifolium/neapolitanum- z5-7,4-6"x1'pnkwht perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Cymbalaria muralis- 2x12",Coliseum/Kenilworth Ivy annual GroundCover evergreen
Cyperus alternifolius/involucr.- Umbrella Papyrus grass grass
Cyperus alternnifolius 'Wild Spike' unique,green,grass grass
Cyperus eragrostis- Pale Galingale grass grass
Cyperus giganteous- Mexican Papyrus aquatic grass grass
Cyperus glaber- Galingale, Hardy Papyrus,grass grass
Cyperus gunnii- Flecked flat sedge grass grass
Cyperus haspans/isoclad.- Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus grass grass
Cyperus involucratus/altern- z7b,Umbrella Sedge grass grass
Cyperus isocladus nanus- 2-3',erect,dwarf Papyrus grass grass
Cyperus isocladus- z9,2-3',erect,dwf Papyrus aqt grass grass
Cyperus longus- z5,4'h,Sweet Galmgale/Umbrella Grass grass
Cytisus scoparius- z5-8,round,decid.,5-6',Scotch Broom woody shrub deciduous
Dahlia- z7-10,per nursery annual bedding tropical
Dalea bicolor- 6'hw,blue/purple Blue Dalea tropic/indoor

Dalea bicolor 'Monterrey Blue' Blue Dalea tropic/indoor

Dalea capitata 'Sierra Gold' Yellow Dalea tropic/indoor

Dalea capitata- Yellow Trailing Dalea tropic/indoor

Dalea frutescens- 30"x42",purple, Black Dalea xeric/arid shrub evergreen
Dalea frutescens 'Paradise' greener Black Dalea xeric/arid shrub evergreen
Daphne- per nursery woody shrub broadleaf
Dasylirion-  Desert Spoon, Zaragosa,Sotol succulent shrub

Datura- Angel's Trumpet, Horn of Plenty, Thorn Apple tropic/indoor
Delosperma- Ice Plant succulent GroundCover
Delphinium- Larkspur perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Dendromecon harfordii- gray green lf,Island Bush Poppy woody shrub/tree evergreen
Dennstaedtia punctilobula- z3-8,15-30",Hayscented Fern fern GroundCover
Deschampsia flexuosa- z4-9,1'h,grc,Hair Grass grass GroundCover evergreen
Dianella tasmanica- 4'+,narrowleaf,blue Flax Lily grass grass Bed/Garden
Dianthus- Pinks perennial

Dicentra- Bleeding Heart perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Dictamnus albus- Gas Plant perennial shrub
Dierama pulcherrimum- z7-10,Angel's Fishing Rod/Wand perennial

Diervilla lonicera- z3,4' mound Bush Honeysuckle woody shrub Broadleaf
Dietes/Morea- Fortnight,African Iris perennial
Digitalis- Foxglove perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Diospyros virginiana-35-60',Eastern/American Persimmon edible tree deciduous
Dirca palustris- z4-9,3-6'hw,dense,irreg.,Leatherwood woody ssh
Dodecatheon meadia- Shooting Star wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Dodonea viscosa- Varnish Leaf,Green Hopbush/Hop Bush woody shrub evergreen
Doronicum caucasicum- bright yellow,16"h,Leopardsbane perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Doronicum orientale- Goldcut Leopardsbane perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Dryopteris australis- z5-9,4-5'h,erect,Dixie Wood Fern fern Bed/Garden
Dryopteris goldieana-z3-8,3-4'h,broad arch,Goldies Fern fern

Dryopteris marginalis-Marginal/Leather/EasternWood Fern fern  
Echinacea- herbaceous flowering,Coneflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Echinacea purpurea- 3-4' Purple Coneflower wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Echinops- Globe Thistle perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Echium fastuosum/candicans-blu-purple Pride of Madeira perennial shrub
Elaeagnus- Silverberry,Oleaster,Russian Olive,Silverthorn woody shrub deciduous
Elymus hysterix- z4-9,3-4',coarse,Bottlebrush Grass grass

Empetrum nigrum- Black Crowberry


Encelia farinosa- Brittlebush woody shrub deciduous
Enkianthus campanulatus- 6-15',z4b-7,Redvein Enkianthus woody shrub deciduous
Epimedium- Barronwort, Bishop's Hat perennial GroundCover
Episcia- Flame Violet herbaceous
Equisetum arvense- Horsetail,Scouring Rush grass

Eragrostis spectabilis-z5-8,2',Tumble/Purple Love Grass grass Shrub-Dwarf
Eremurus- - Foxtail Lily,Bungei,Desert-Candle perennial

Erica- per nursery, Heath / Heather woody GroundCover needle
Ericamera larcifolia- Turpentine Bush


Erigeron divergens- Native Fleabane perennial

Erigeron karvinsklanus- z5-7,6-12",Santa Barbara Daisy perennial

Erigonum- Buckwheat perennial
Erodium reichardii- Heron's Bill perennial GroundCover
Eryngium perennial

Erysimum- Wallflower perennial

Erythronium americanum- z4,Trout Lily wildflower perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Escallonia bifida/montevidensis- White Escallonia woody shrub evergreen
Eschscholzia california- z3,12-18",org,California Poppy perennial

Eucalyptus woody shrub/tree tropical
Euonymus japonicus 'Microphyllus' 1-3'h, small/Boxleaf woody shrub evergreen
Eupatorium coelestinum-Mist Flower,Ageratum wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Eupatorium rugosum- z3,White Snakeroot wildflower perennial Wildflower
Euphorbia- Spurge succulent
Euphorbia amygdaloides robbiae-z5-7,12-18",Wood Spurge succulent GroundCover tropical
Euryops- z9-11,3' upright, Bush Daisy, per nursery perennial

Fagus-  Beech woody tree deciduous
Fallugia paradoxa-z5,white bark,white,arid,Apache Plume woody shrub semi-evgreen
Feijoa/Acca sellowiana-10-15'x10',z8-10,Pineapple Guava woody shrub Broadleaf
Felicia amelloides- Blue Marguerite perennial

Fern fern

Festuca- Fescue grass grass GroundCover
Festuca glauca/ovina/cinerea- 8-12"hw Blue Fescue grass grass GroundCover
Ficus per nursery, Banyan, Strangler Fig woody shrub/tree foliage
Filipendula- Meadowsweet,Queen of Prairie perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Foeniculum vulgare- Common Fennel perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Forsythia woody shrub deciduous
Fragraria- edible/wild strawberry edible ground cover

Fraxinus americana-  Ash woody tree deciduous
Fremontodendron- Flannel Bush woody shrub/tree deciduous
Fritillaria- Black Lily,Chocolate Lily perennial bulb
Gaillardia- Blanket Flower perennial

Galanthus nivalis- Snowdrops perennial

Galium odoratum- 4-6",white bloom,Sweet Woodruff,grc perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Gardenia woody shrub tropical
Gaultheria- Wintergreen, Salal, perennial GroundCover evergreen
Gaura lindheimeri- z5,sprays,32"x36",Bee Blossom perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Gazania perennial
Gelsemium sempervirens-Carolina Jessamine/Jasmine vine vine GroundCover evergreen
Gentiana- Gentian perennial

Geranium- Bloody Cranesbill perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Geum coccineum borisii- z5-8,15",red-orange,Avens perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Geum 'Fireball' Avens perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Ginkgo biloba- z4-8b,50-80'h,Maidenhair Tree woody tree deciduous
Gleditsia triacan.inermis- z4,50',Thornless Honeylocust woody tree deciduous
Gomphrena globosa- Bathelor's Buttons,Globe Amaranth annual bedding tropical
Gordonia lasianthus- z7-9,40' conic,white, Loblolly Bay woody tree Broadleaf
Grevillea robusta- z7,gold orange,Silk/Silky Oak Tree woody tree tropical
Gunnera tinctora-smaller,compact,reddish,Dinosaur Food perennial shrub deciduous
Gymnocladus dioicus- 60-75'x40-50' Kentucky Coffeetree woody tree deciduous
Gypsophila- Baby's Breath perennial Bed/Garden
Gypsophila repens- white,low, Baby's Breath perennial GroundCover
Hakea suaveolens- z9,white, Sweet Hakea


Halesia carolina/tetraptera- z5,40'Carolina Silverbell woody tree deciduous
Hamamelis intermedia - Witch hazel woody shrub deciduous
Hamelia patens- z8-10,5-8',orange/red tube,Firebush woody shrub tropical
Hedera helix- Ivy vine vine GroundCover evergreen
Helenium autumnale-4-5' Dogtooth/Sneezeweed wildflower perennial bedding
Helianthemum- Rockrose,Sunrose perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Helianthus angustofolius- z6-9,7',yllw,Swamp Sunflower perennial bedding broadleaf
Helianthus maximiliani- 6-7'h,z5,Maximillian Sunflower perennial bedding broadleaf
Helichrysum petiolare-  Licorice Plant perennial

Heliotropium arborescens- lavender,Marine Heliotrope perennial bedding tropical
Helleborus- Hellebore,Lenten Rose perennial GroundCover evergreen
Hemerocallis- Daylily perennial bedding semi-evgreen
Hepatica- Liverleaf wildflower perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Herniaria glabra-z5a,1"h,dense,Green Carpet/Rupturewort Perennials

Hesperis matronalis- Dame's / Sweet Rocket perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Heteromeles arbutifolia- 6-8'h,Toyon,Christmas Berry woody shrub/tree evergreen
Heuchera- Coral Bells / Alumroot perennial Shrub-Dwarf Broadleaf
Hibbertia scandens/volubilis-z10yellow,Guinea Gold Vine vine GroundCover evergreen
Hibiscus syriacus- z5,Althea / Rose of Sharon,per nsy woody shrub deciduous
Hippeastrum johnsonii- Amaryllis, St. Joseph's Lily perennial
Hosta- Funkia,Plaintain Lily perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Hovenia dulcis- z6a,white,Japanese Raisin Tree woody tree
Hydrastis- Golden-Seal perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Hypericum- Aaronsbeard St. Johns Wort perennial GroundCover semi-evgreen
Hypericum frondosum- Golden St.Johnswort perennial shrub semi-evgreen
Hyssopus officinalis- 1-2'h,herb,blue,Hyssop perennial

Iberis- Candytuft perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Ilex- Holly woody
Ilex 'Lydia Morris' 12' broad pyramid shrub Holly woody shrub broadleaf
Ilex opaca- z5-9,spiny 4",15-30' American Holly woody tree evergreen
Illicium- Anise woody shrub deciduous
Impatiens perennial

Inula ensifolia- z3-7,1-2'h,yellow-orange,Swordleaf perennial

Inula helenium- daisy,Elecampane perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Inula racemosa 'Sonnenspeer' 6-7',large yellow flowers perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Ipheion uniflorum- z5-10,6-8",lilac,Spring Starflower


Ipomea alba- z9-11,6"bloom all night, Moonflower Vine woody vine
Iris perennial

Jasmine- Gelsemium, Jasminum, Trachelospermum woody

Juncus effusus- 1-4'h,aqtc,large,Common/Soft Rush grass grass

Juniperus- conifer   evergreen
Justicia californica- Chuparosa/Humminbgird bush perennial shrub tropical
Kalmia latifolia- z4-9,7-15',Mountain-laurel,per nsy woody shrub evergreen
Kerria japonica- z4b-9,3-6'x6-9' yellow Japanese Rose woody shrub deciduous
Kirengeshoma palmata-z5-7,30"shrub,prnl,Yellow Waxbells


Knautia (Scabiosa) macedonica-z4-9,2-3',red,Pincushion perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Kniphofia- Red Hot Poker,Tritoma,Torch lily,per nsy perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Kolkwitzia amabilis- z4,6-10' arching pink Beautybush woody shrub deciduous
Laburnum anagyroides- z5-7,20-30'h,Goldenchain Tree woody tree
Lagerstroemia- indica,z6b-9,Crapemyrtle woody tree deciduous
Lamium/Lamiastrum- Deadnettle perennial GroundCover evergreen
Lantana- Confetti,groundcover,Confetti perennial shrub tropical
Larix-  Larch conifer tree evergreen
Lavandula- Lavender herbaceous shrub
Lavatera assurgentiflora- large lobed leaf,Tree Mallow perennial

Leonotis leonurus/nepetifolia- z9,5'h,Lion's Ear/Tail perennial shrub evergreen
Leptospermum 'Martinii' Tea Tree woody

Leucanthemum/Chrysanthemum- Shasta Daisy, per nsy perennial Wildflower evergreen
Leucojum aestivum- Summer Snowflakes aquatic perennial GroundCover evergreen
Leucophyllum frutescens-5-8'x4-6' Silverleaf,Texas Sage woody shrub tropical
Leucothoe- Doghobble/Coastal Leucothoe woody shrub deciduous
Liatris- Gayfeather,Blazing Star perennial

Ligularia- Leopard Plant, Golden Ray perennial

Ligustrum vulgare- 10-12'x4-6',z5,uprt,European Privet woody shrub evergreen
Limonium- wetland,Sea Lavender,Statice,Marsh-rosemary perennial
Lindera benzoin- 6-12'hw round,z4-9,yellow,Spicebush woody shrub Broadleaf
Linum perenne- z4-9,12",dainty,blue,Saphyr Blue Flax perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Liquidambar styraciflua- z5-9,60x40',American Sweetgum woody tree deciduous
Liriodendron tulipifera- 80' Tulip Poplar/Yellow Poplar woody tree deciduous
Liriope- Lilyturf grass perennial GroundCover evergreen
Lithocarpus densiflorus- z7-9,evgrn, Tanbark Oak woody tree evergreen
Lithodora diffusa- z6-8,low,perennial,Indian Plant perennial

Lobelia- Cardinal Flower perennial

Lobularia maritima- Sweet Alyssum annual

Lonicera-  Honeysuckle vine shrub evergreen
Lupinus- Lupine,Lupin perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Lychnis coronaria-z3-9,2-3'h,red,grayleaf,Rose Campion perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Lysimachia nummularia- Creeping Jenny Moneywort perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Magnolia woody tree broadleaf
Mahonia- Oregon / Grape Holly woody shrub evergreen
Mahonia repens- z3-6,1-3',stoloniferousCreeping Mahonia woody GroundCover evergreen
Malva alcea- z4-7,2-3'x18",rose/white,Hollyhock Mallow perennial

Marrubium vulgare- z6,6"h,arid,Silverheels Horehound


Matteuccia struthiopteris-z3-8,2-6' narrow Ostrich Fern fern

Maytenus boaria- z9,30'hw,weeping,1-2"leaf,Mayten Tree tropic/indoor tree evergreen
Meehania cordata' z4,9"x15",Meehan's/Creeping Mint


Melaleuca-  Bottlebrush,Cajeput/Paperbark Tree woody shrub/tree tropical
Melampodium- Butter/Blackfoot  Daisy annual bedding tropical
Melianthus major- large gray lf,Giant Honey Flower/Bush perennial shrub evergreen
Melissa offinialis- z4-9,3'h,fragrant/flavor,Lemon Balm perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Mentha piperita- 30"h,flavoring,herb,Spearmint herbaceous

Mentha pulegium- creeping,4-6"h,1"leaf,Pennroyal
Mentha spicata- 30"h,flavoring,herb,Spearmint herbaceous GroundCover
Mertensia virginica-z3-8,Virginia Bluebells wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Metasequoia glyptostroboides- z4b-8,90'h,Dawn Redwood conifer tree deciduous
Michelia figo- 6-10' Banana Shrub,Port Wine Magnolia woody shrub evergreen
Michelia fuscata/figo- Banana Shrub,Port Wine Magnolia woody shrub
Microbiota decussata-z2-6,1x9'Russian/Siberian Cypress conifer GroundCover evergreen
Mimulus- Monkey Flower perennial

Miscanthus- Fountain/Silver/Maidenhair Grass grass
Mitchella repens- z5,evg,grc,Partridge/Twin/Squaw Berry perennial GroundCover evergreen
Monarda didyma- 3'h Beebalm perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Muhlenbergia- Muhly Grass grass

Muscari armeniacum- 6-9"h,blue,Armenian Grape Hyacinth perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Myoporum parvifolium- dwarf/spreading,matting
GroundCover evergreen
Myosotis scorpiodes- Water Forget-Me-Not aquatic perennial wetland-aquatic Broadleaf
Myrica - Bayberry/Waxmyrtle woody shrub evergreen
Nandina- Heavenly/Sacred Bamboo woody shrub evergreen
Nandina domestica- z6-9,6-8'h,Sacred/Heavenly Bamboo woody shrub evergreen
Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' Daffodil, Jonquil perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Nepeta- Catmint herb perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Nerium oleander- 6-12'hw Rosebay,Oleander/per nursery woody shrub/tree evergreen
Nicotiana - Flowering Tobacco tropic/indoor

Nyssa sylvatica- 40x25'+ Sour Gum/Black Gum/Tupelo woody tree deciduous
Ocimum basilicum- herb, Sweet Basil herbaceous shrub tropical
Oenothera fruticosa- Sundrops, Evening Primrose perennial

Olea europaea- z9,30'hw,Arbequina/European Olive,fruit fruiting tree evergreen
Onoclea sensibilis- z2-10,1-3',dec,creep,Sensitive Fern fern Bed/Garden Fern
Ophiopogon japonicus- 8",z7-9,Monkey/Aztec/Mondo Grass perennial GroundCover evergreen
Opuntia humifusa- z4,4-10",grcvr,Prickly Pear Cactus cactus dry-xeric tropical
Oreocereus trollii- Old Man of the Mountain Cactus cactus

Origanum- Marjoram/Oregano perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Osmunda cinnamonea- z2,2-5',bright,Cinnamon Fern fern wetland-aquatic deciduous
Osmunda claytoniana-z2-8,2-4',clump,Interrupted Fern fern
Osmunda regalis- z2-10,2-5'h,European Royal Fern fern Bed/Garden deciduous
Osteospermum fruticosum-6-12"x2-4'African/Freeway Daisy foliage GroundCover tropical
Ostrya virginiana- z3b,40'American Hophornbeam/Ironwood woody tree deciduous
Oxydendrum arboreum- z5-9,30' pyramid round Sourwood woody tree deciduous
Pachysandra - Pachysandra / Spurge vine GroundCover evergreen
Pachystima myrinites- z6-9,evgrn,Oregon / False Box


Paeonia- herbaceous,Peony perennial

Paeonia- Tree Peony suffruticosa woody shrub deciduous
Palm palm

Panicum virgatum- z2-9,Switchgrass grass

Papaver- Poppy perennial

Parthenium integrifolium-3-5'whtWild Quinine wildflower tropic/indoor

Parthenocissus tricuspidata-z3,lustrous Boston Ivy vine vine
Pavonia lasiopetala- 36"x42",dark pink Rock Rose tropic/indoor

Pelargonium- pGeranaium herbaceous
Pennisetum setaceum- z9-11,4-5',Green Fountain Grass grass clump
Penstemon- Beard Tongue perennial

Penstemon heterophyllus- Foothill Penstemon perennial

Penstemon hirsutus- pink,Hairy Penstemon wildflower perennial

Penstemon - Beardtongue perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Penstemon pinifolius- z4,8",red Pineleaf Penstemon perennial GroundCover
Pentas perennial
Perovskia atriplicifolia- 4'h,z4-9,lav.,Russian Sage perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Petasites palmatus- 12'h,Coltsfoot/Golden Palms aquatic perennial wetland-aquatic
Petroselinum- 10-12",biennial,Flat Leaf Parsley/Moss


Petunia annual bedding
Phalaris arundinacea- Reed Canary / Ribbon Grass grass

Philodendron selloum- z9,3"long Split Leaf Philodendron tropic/indoor aroid foliage
Phlomis- Jerusalem Sage perennial

Phlox- SweetWilliam,Phlox,Thrift,Moss Pinks perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Phormium- Flax, grass grass shrub
Physostegia virginiana-1-2'h,Obedient Plant wildflower perennial

Picea- Spruce conifer tree evergreen
Picea glauca- z2-6,60x20',White/Alberta Spruce conifer tree evergreen
Picea pungens- z3-7,30-60'x15' green Colorado Spruce conifer tree evergreen
Picea pungens glauca- z3-7b,40' Colorado Blue Spruce conifer tree evergreen
Pieris floribunda-2-6'hw,z4,Mountain Pieris/Fetter Bush woody shrub evergreen
Pieris japonica- z5-8,6',JapaneseAndromeda woody shrub evergreen
Pimpinella anisum- herb,Mediterranean, Anise annual herb
Pinus- Pine conifer tree evergreen
Pinus mugo- z2-7,6-20'+,Swiss Mountain/Mugo Pine conifer tree evergreen
Platanus occidentalis- z4,-9,75+'hw,American Sycamore woody tree deciduous
Platanus racemosa- z7-9,3-5lobe,California Sycamore woody tree deciduous
Platycodon grandiflorus- z5-8,Balloonflower, per nsy perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Plectranthus argentatus- 3',mint,Silver Spur Flower herbaceous
Plectranthus herbaceous
Plumbago auriculata- z8b,4'h blue arch shrub,Cape P. perennial shrub tropical
Podocarpus- Yellowwood woody shrub foliage
Podophyllum pelatatum- z4,18",Mayapple wildflower perennial GroundCover
Polemonium coeruleum- Jacob's Ladder wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Poliomintha maderensis- Lavender Spice,Mexican Oregano


Polygonatum- Solomon's Seal perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Polystichum acrostichoides-z3-9,uprt,2',Christmas Fern fern Bed/Garden evergreen
Potentilla- Cinquefoil perennial shrub deciduous
Pratia pedunculata- z7a,3"h,Blue Star Creeper perennial GroundCover evergreen
Primula- Primrose perennial

Prunella vulgaris- Common Self-Heal,Heart-of-the-Earth perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Prunus americana- z3,35',shrub,colonize,American Plum woody shrub deciduous
Prunus angustifolia- 10-20',colonizing,Chickasaw Plum woody shrub deciduous
Prunus avium- z4,30-40',conic,white,frag,Mazzard Cherry woody tree deciduous
Prunus besseyi- z3,4-6'h,suckers,Western Sandcherry woody shrub deciduous
Prunus blireana- z5-9,20'h,vase,pink Blireana Plum woody tree deciduous
Prunus virginiana- z2,25',greenleaf,native, Chokeberry woody tree deciduous
Pseudotsuga menziesii (taxifolia)-z4-6,80'Douglas Fir conifer tree evergreen
Pulmonaria- Lungwort perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Punica granatum- z7b-10,12-20'h,Pomegranate fruit edible tree tropical
Pyracantha- Firethorn woody Shrub evergreen
Quercus-  Oak woody tree deciduous
Ranunculus flammula-z3,1-2'Miniature Spearwort aquatic perennial wetland-aquatic
Ratibida columnifera- z4,3',Prairie Coneflower,red,ylw perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Retama monosperma- 10',gray stem frag white flwr


Rhamnus californica- dark green lf,red bry,Coffeeberry woody shrub evergreen
Rhamnus cathartica- 18-25'hw Common/European Buckthorn woody shrub/tree deciduous
Rheum- Rhubarb,Pieplant,Crimson Cherry perennial shrub

Rhododendron woody shrub evergreen
Rhus- Fragrant Sumac woody shrub deciduous
Rhus aromatica 'Gro-Low' 2'x6-8' glossy Fragrant Sumac woody shrub deciduous
Ribes sanguineum- Currant. edible shrub deciduous
Ricinus communis- toxic leaf,Castor Oil/Bean Plant perennial shrub tropical
Robinia pseudoacacia- White/Common/Yellow/Black Locust woody tree deciduous
Rodgersia- Rodgersia perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Romneya coulteri- deciduous,6-8'hw,Matilija Poppy perennial shrub
Rosa laevigata- 8-10'x15-18' shrub white Cherokee Rose woody shrub deciduous
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'z8,1'h Rosemary herbaceous GroundCover evergreen
Rosmarinus officinalis- z6b-9,2-4',Rosemary herbaceous shrub evergreen
Rubus pentalobus-z7-9,3-6",stolon.Crinkle Leaf Creeper. edible

Rudbeckia- Black-eyed Susan perennial

Ruellia humilis- 1-2' violet Wild Petunia wildflower perennial
Ruta graveolens- multipurpose herb,Common Rue perennial

Saccharum arundinaceum- hardy Sugar Cane grass grass Shrub-Med.
Salix exigua- z2,20',thicket,wet,Sandbar/Coyote Willow woody shrub deciduous
Salvia- Sage perennial shrub tropical
Sambucus-  Elderberry woody Shrub Broadleaf
Sanguinaria canadensis-z4-8,6",rhizome,Bloodroot perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Santolina- Lavender Cotton,Holy Herb,Petite Cypress woody shrub Narrowleaf
Saponaria lempergii 'Max Frei'bushy mound,pnk Soapwort perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Saponaria ocymoides-pink,z3-7,6"trailing,Rock Soapwort perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Saponaria- Bouncing Betty, Soapwort perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Sarcococca- evgrn shrub,Christmas/Sweet Box woody shrub Broadleaf
Sassafras albidum-30-60x25-40',Silky/Common Sassafras woody tree Broadleaf
Satureja montana- herb, Winter Savory


Saxifraga perennial

Scabiosa- Pincushion perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Scaevola- Outback Fan Flower perennial

Schizachyrium scoparium Little Bluestem grass grass

Scilla- succulent,Wood Hyacinth,Squill, Bluebell perennial

Scutellaria-  Skullcap perennial Bed/Garden
Sedum- succulent,Stonecrop, Orpine perennial groundcover
Sempervivum- Hen & Chicks, Houseleek succulent

Senecio- Ragwort Dusty Miller aquatic wildflower perennial wetland-aquatic tropical
Senna- Cassia tropic/indoor shrub-tree tropical
Sequoia sempervirens- z7-9,tall,pyram,CA/CoastRedwood conifer tree evergreen
Sidalcea malviflora- dwarf Checkermallow,Hollyhock perennial bedding
Silene - tchfly,Fire Pink Perennials Wildflower
Silphium asteriscus- Cup-plant,Rosinweed,Compass Plant perennial

Simmondsia chinensis- evergreen,3-6'hw,Jojoba xeric/arid shrub evergreen
Sisyrinchium- Blue-eyed Grass grass

Skimmia japonica- z6b-8b,3-4'hw,dome,Japanese Skimmia woody shrub evergreen
Solanum jasminoides- Nightshade/Potato Vine vine
Solidago- Goldenrod perennial

Sollya heterophylla-z10,Australian Bluebell Creeper
shrub evergreen
Sophora secundiflora- 25',violet,Texas Mountain Laurel woody shrub/tree evergreen
Sorghastrum nutans- Indian Grass grass Bed/Garden
Sorghastrum nutans 'Sioux Blue' Indian Grass grass Bed/Garden
Spigelia marilandica- Indian Pink,Woodland Pinkroot tropic/indoor

Spiraea- Meadowsweet,Maybush,Spirea,Bridal Wreath woody shrub deciduous
Sporobolus heterolepis-z3-8,2-4',Prairie Dropseed grass grass GroundCover
Stachys byzantina- z4,1'h,soft silver mound,Lamb's Ear perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Stipa- Feather Grass,Needle Grass grass

Strelitzia reginae- 5',longstem,orange,Bird of Paradise perennial shrub tropical
Stylophorum diphyllum- z4-8,Celandine Poppy wildflower perennial Wildflower
Styrax japonicus- Snowbell,Snowberry woody tree,shrub deciduous
Symphylum peregrinum- herb, Comfrey


Syringa- Lilac woody shrub/tree Broadleaf
Syringa vulgaris- z3,15'Old Fashion/Purple/Common Lilac woody shrub deciduous
Tagetes lemmonii- 4'hw,yellow,Copper Canyon Daisy tropic/indoor dry-xeric tropical
Tagetes- Marigold tropic/indoor dry-xeric tropical
Tanacetum vulgare- Common Tansy/Feverfew perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Taxodium distichum- z4-11,50-70'x30' Bald Cypress conifer tree deciduous
Tecoma stans- Gold Star/Yellow Bells 5'hw Esperanza woody shrub/tree tropical
Tecomaria capensis- z8b-11,8',org/red,Cape Honeysuckle vine vine/bush tropical
Teucrium chamaedrys- 1'h,purple,z5-9,Wall Germander woody SubShrub Broadleaf
Thalictrum- Meadow Rue perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Thelypteris noveboracensis- z4-8,New York/Tapering Fern fern Bed/Garden Fern
Thelypteris palustris- z2-10,18-30",dec,sprd,Marsh Fern fern
Thuja orientalis / Biota / Platycladus or.- Arborvitae conifer tree evergreen
Thuja plicata- z4b-7b,Western Red Cedar / Arborvitae conifer tree evergreen
Thymus- Thyme herbaceous

Tiarella cordifolia- 1' white Foam Flower wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Tibouchina urvilleana- z10,12-15x5-6',Princess Flower perennial shrub tropical
Tilia americana- z2,60-80'x30-50',ylw,Linden / Basswood woody tree deciduous
Tradescantia- Spiderwort perennial bedding tropical
Trichostema lanatum- 4'+,purple stem,Woolly Bluecurls woody shrub evergreen
Trillium- per nursery, wildflower perennial Wildflower Broadleaf
Trollius europaeus 'Superbus' Globe Flower perennial

Tsuga-  Hemlock conifer tree evergreen
Tulbaghia violacea- z8,1',1"w leaf, Society Garlic perennial clump tropical
Ulmus americana 'Princeton' 70'x40' vase American Elm woody tree deciduous
Umbellularia californica- 40-80x30-40'California Laurel woody shrub evergreen
Vaccinium corymbosum- z4/5-7,6-12'h,Highbush Blueberry edible Shrub-Med. Broadleaf
Vaccinium macrocarpon- z3-7,American/Large Cranberry edible GroundCover Broadleaf
Vaccinium ovatum- z6-8,Coast/Evergreen Huckleberry edible shrub evergreen
Valeriana officinalis- herb, Valerian perennial

Verbascum- Mullein perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Verbena- Vervain perennial Bed/Garden Broadleaf
Veronica- Speedwell perennial

Veronicastrum virginicum- 3-6' Culver's Root wildflower perennial Bed/Garden
Viburnum woody Shrub deciduous
Vinca- Periwinkle vine groundcover
Viola -   Pansy perennial GroundCover Broadleaf
Vitex- Chastetree woody Shrub deciduous
Vitis coignetiae- z5,tendril,fall,Crimson Glory Vine edible vine deciduous
Waldsteinia fragarioides- z4-7,mat,Barren Strawberry perennial

Westringia fruticosa/rosmariniformis-z4,Coast Rosemary woody shrub evergreen
Wisteria woody vine broadleaf
Xanthorhiza simplicissima- 2-3'h suckers,Yellowroot woody bedding Broadleaf
Yucca- woody shrub foliage
Zantedeschia- Calla Lily aquatic perennial aroid foliage
Zauschneria-  Fuchsia/Trumpet perennial
Zinnia- Alexanders perennial

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