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All varieties listed here are contained in the search database, i.e. they can be found at a wholesale grower in the search database as they have been found in actual growers' availability/catalogs.  For maps and descriptions of USDA hardiness and Sunset climate zones and areas, visit the  Zones  page.

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 wholesale bamboo plant varieties

name high ft wide ft USDA zones Sunset climate zones
Acidosasa edulis- Chinese running Bamboo

Arthrostylidium- 10-15',dark stems,narrow leaf,Bamboo 10-15


Arundaria japonica- z7,20',evgrn,spread,Japanese Bamboo 20 spreading 7a
Arundinaria amabilis- Tonkin Cane Bamboo



Arundinaria anceps- Bamboo



Arundinaria anceps- pitt white Bamboo



Arundinaria atropurpurea- z5b,4'h,1/4"d,running,Bamboo 4 running 5
Arundinaria fangiana- Bamboo



Arundinaria funghomii- z6a,30'h,1.5"d,7"x1"leaf,Bamboo 30
Arundinaria gigantea 'Macon'z5,to 20' River Cane Bamboo -20
Arundinaria gigantea tecta- Switch Cane Bamboo



Arundinaria gigantea- z5a,20'h,1 1/8"d,Rivercane Bamboo 20
Arundinaria pygmaea- Dwarf Carpet Bamboo



Arundinaria tecta- 15-18',z6,FL-VA native,Bamboo 15-18
Arundinaria viridi-striatus- z7-11,Kumorozasa Bamboo

Aztecorum Mexican Weeping Bamboo



Bamboo- per nursery, Bamboo



Bamboo- dwarf, per nursery, Bamboo



Bamboo- Giant Timber Bamboo



Bamboo- 'Golden Godess' Bamboo



Bambusa affinis 'Flavidorivens' Bamboo



Bambusa aureosulcata- Switch Cane Bamboo



Bambusa balcooa- Indian,clumping,edible shoots,Bamboo

Bambusa bambos- arundinacea Giant Thorny Bamboo



Bambusa beecheyana-30-50'h,5"d,z9,Beechey Bamboo 30-50
Bambusa boniopsis- 12',Hard-sheathed Bamboo 12


Bambusa chungii- 30'h,2"d,z9a, Tropical Blue Bamboo 30
Bambusa chungii 'Barbelata' z9a,30-35'h,2"d,Blue Bamboo 2-3
Bambusa chungii 'Select' Emperor's Blue Bamboo



Bambusa contracta- <20',China,Bamboo -20


Bambusa dissimulator- z8b,fast,Dragon's Nest Bamboo

Bambusa dolichmerithalla- 30',z10,Blowpipe Bamboo 30
Bambusa dolichmerithalla 'Green Stripe' Bamboo



Bambusa dolichmerithalla 'Silverstripe' Bamboo



Bambusa dolichmerithalla 'Stripe' Bamboo



Bambusa edulis X tuldoides- Bamboo



Bambusa edulis-35'h,3"d,z9,clump,edible,Timber Bamboo 35 clump 9-
Bambusa eutuldoides 'Viridi-vittata' Asia Lemon Bamboo



Bambusa eutuldoides- yllw,clump,Asian Lemon Bamboo

Bambusa fungosa- Cottonflower Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Alphonse Karr' Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Fernleaf' Hedge Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Fernleaf' Hedge Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Green Alphonse Karr' Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Multiplex' 20-30',z7,6"d,Bamboo 20-30
Bambusa glaucescens 'Rivierorum' Chinese Goddess Bamboo



Bambusa glaucescens 'Silverstripe' Hedge Bamboo



Bambusa glaucopohylla/heterostachya- Graceful Bamboo



Bambusa lako- 40',3"d,z9b,Timor Black Bamboo 40
Bambusa luteostriata- clumping,varieg,Garland Bamboo

Bambusa macclureana- z7,12-20',Nepal,Bamboo 12-20
Bambusa malingensis- Seashore/Seabreeze/Maling Bamboo

Bambusa membranacea- Waya/White/Large Cool Bamboo



Bambusa metake- 6-8' Arrow Bamboo 6-8


Bambusa multiplex- 15-20'h,1.5"d,clump,z8b,Hedge Bamboo 15-20 clump 8b
Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr'20',z8b,Striped Bamboo 20
Bambusa multiplex 'Featherleaf' 10-15'h,clump,Bamboo 10-15 clump

Bambusa multiplex 'Fernleaf' 15-20'h,1/2"d,z8b,Bamboo 15-20
Bambusa multiplex 'Fernleaf Stripestem' Bamboo



Bambusa multiplex 'Golden Goddess'10'h,1/2"d,z8b,Bamboo 3-10
Bambusa multiplex 'Green Hedge/Hedge' Bamboo



Bambusa multiplex 'Midori Green' Alphonse Bamboo



Bambusa multiplex 'Riviereorum' Chinese Goddess Bamboo



Bambusa multiplex 'Silver Stripe' 25'h,1.5"d,8b,Bamboo 25
Bambusa multiplex 'Tiny Fern' Bamboo 03


Bambusa multiplex 'Tiny Fernleaf' Bamboo 03


Bambusa multiplex 'Variegata' z6b,35'h,1 3/4"d,Bamboo 35
Bambusa multiplex 'Willowy/Wang Tsai' Bamboo



Bambusa mutabilis/textilis- 35',2"d,z8a,Emerald Bamboo 35
Bambusa nutans- <25',1"diam,Nodding Bamboo -25


Bambusa oldhamii- 40'+h,4"d,z9, Giant Timber Bamboo 20-40
9- 8,9,14-24,26,28-31
Bambusa pachenensis- Bamboo



Bambusa palmata- 4-5' Palmate Bamboo 4-5


Bambusa pervariabilis 'Viridistriata'z8,Sunburst Bamboo

Bambusa pygmaea- Bamboo



Bambusa rigida- 25-30',z9a,Bamboo 25-30
Bambusa sinospinosa- Chinese Thorny Bamboo



Bambusa textilis- 35'h,2"d,z9,clump,Weavers Bamboo 35 clump 9-
Bambusa textilis albostriata/albolineata-striped,Bamboo



Bambusa textilis dwarf- 15' Bamboo 15


Bambusa textilis gracilis- z8b,Graceful/Weavers Bamboo 30
Bambusa textilis gracillis 'Slender Weaver' Bamboo



Bambusa textilis kanapaha- z9,2.5"d,Royal Bamboo

Bambusa textilis maculata-z8b,25',1"d, Bamboo 25
Bambusa textilis 'Mrs. Small' 30',1"d,z9b,Bamboo 30
Bambusa tuldoides vent.'Kimmei' red,Budda Belly Bamboo



Bambusa tuldoides ventricosa- 50',Buddha's Belly Bamboo 50

Bambusa tuldoides-50'h,2"d,z9,clump,Punting Pole Bamboo 50 clump 9-
Bambusa ventricosa-40'h,2"d,clump,z9,Budda Belly Bamboo 40 clump 9-
Bambusa vulgaris- 12-15',z10,semi dwarf Bamboo 12-15


Bambusa vulgaris- 65',5"c,z9b, Common Bamboo 65
Bambusa vulgaris- Variegated Pygmy Bamboo



Bambusa vulgaris vittata-Golden Hawaiian Painted Bamboo



Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin' 12-15',z9b,Budda Belly Bamboo 12-15
Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin Striata' Budda Belly Bamboo



Bambusa/Heterostachya (glaucophylla) Malay Dwarf Bamboo



Borinda boliana- clump,20'+,blue,lacy,Bamboo 20- clump

Borinda (Fargesia) angustissima- Bamboo



Borinda (Fargesia) fung.'Chocolate' 10',fountain,Bamboo 10


Borinda (Fargesia) fungosa- 14-22',Bamboo 14-20


Borinda (Fargesia) fungosa 'Maroon' 10',fountain,Bamboo 10


Borinda (Fargesia) fungosa 'Oficina'10',fountain,Bamboo 10


Borinda macclureana- z7,12-20',1"diam,Nepal,Bamboo 12-20
Brachystachyum densiflorum villosum-z5b,10',1/2",Bamboo 10
Brachystachyum densiflorum-20',1",z7,Short Spike Bamboo 20


Chimonobambusa barmorea- z6b,6',1/2",new purple,Bamboo 6
Chimonobambusa macrophylla 'Distequos' Bamboo



Chimonobambusa macrophylla intermedia- Bamboo



Chimonobambusa marmorea 'Variegata' 6-12',Bamboo 6-12


Chimonobambusa marmorea-6-12',Marbled Bamboo 6-12


Chimonobambusa quadrang.'Yellow Groove' Square Bamboo 10-30

Chimonobambusa quadrangilaris'Suow'Golden Square Bamboo 10-30

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis 'Joseph de Jussieu'Bamboo 10-30

Chimonobambusa quadrangularis-z6b,25',Square Bamboo 10-30
6b 5-9,14-22,26,28-31
Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda- Bamboo



Chusquea- per nursery, South American Bamboo



Chusquea andina- Chilean/Andean Weeping Bamboo



Chusquea breviglumis/gigantea - 15',arching,Bamboo 15


Chusquea coronalis- 8-12',Mexican Climbing Bamboo 4-12 climbing
Chusquea culeo 'Big Mac' z7a,clump Bamboo 10-12 10-12 7a 4-9,14-22
Chusquea culeo breviglumis / giganteus- Bamboo 10-12 10-12
Chusquea culeou 'Straight' Bamboo 10-12 10-12
Chusquea culeou 'Weeping' Bamboo 10-12 10-12
Chusquea culeou- z7a,18-20',Chilean Mountain Bamboo 10-20 10-12 7a 4-9,14-22
Chusquea cumingii- climbing Colihüe/Small Quila Bamboo

Chusquea foliosa- flowering,clumping, Bamboo

Chusquea gigantea/breviglumis- 15',arch,ylw st,Bamboo 15


Chusquea 'Las Vegas' Bamboo



Chusquea machrostachya- Bamboo



Chusquea mimosa- 15',arch,redish stem,sm lf,Bamboo 15


Chusquea mimosa australis- Bamboo



Chusquea muelleri- Mexican ,Bamboo



Chusquea nigricans- Bamboo



Chusquea pittieri- <20',arching,clumping,Bamboo -20 clump

Chusquea uliginosa- arching,colonises,Bamboo



Chusquea valdiviensis- 80',climbing,Chilean,Bamboo 80 climbing

Chusquea/Arthrostylidium circinata- 10-15',Bamboo 10-15


Dendrocalamus asper- <100',8"diam,z9b,Giant Bamboo 100-
Dendrocalamus brandisii- Teddy Bear/Sweet Dragon Bamboo



Dendrocalamus 'Gideon's Blue' Bamboo



Dendrocalamus giganteus- z9b,<100',12"diam,Giant Bamboo 100-
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii- <80',7"dia,Red Shoot Bamboo 80-


Dendrocalamus latiflorus 'Mei-nung' vrg,50'+, Bamboo 50-


Dendrocalamus membranaceus- 50',4"dia,z10b,Giant Bamboo 50-
Dendrocalamus minor amoenus- z9b,35',Angel Mist Bamboo 35
Dendrocalamus sikkimensis- 65',6"dia,Giant Bamboo 65


Dendrocalamus strictus- 60',5"d,Male/Giant India Bamboo 60


Dendrocalamus yunnanicus- z9-11,60',5"d,Giant Bamboo 60
Drepanostachyum falcatum 'Jesus' Blue Bamboo



Drepanostachyum falcatum- z6b,20'h,3/4"d,Blue Bamboo 20
Drepanostachyum khasianum- Khasia Bamboo



Drepanostachyum sengteeanum/falconeri- Bamboo



Fargesia adpressa- 15',open clumps,pur-grn culm,Bamboo 15 clump

Fargesia crassinoda-z6a,12'h,3/4"d,swollen nodes,Bamboo 12
Fargesia denudata L1575- z6b,13'h,1/2"d,clump,Bamboo 13 clump 6b
Fargesia denudata- z6b,12-16'h,1/2"d,clump,Bamboo 12-16 clump 6b
Fargesia dracocephala 'White Dragon' Bamboo



Fargesia dracocephala- z6b,16',3/4",Dragons Head Bamboo 16
Fargesia frigidis-z6a,13'h,3/4"d,Yunnan Mountain Bamboo 13
Fargesia Jiuzhaigou-z4b,13'h,1/2'd,new red culms,Bamboo 13
Fargesia murielae 'Humboldt' z4b,6-8',3/8",dwarf,Bamboo 6-8
4b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia murielae 'Mary' z4b,11',1/2"d,ascending,Bamboo 6-18
b4 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia murielae 'Pictorum' z4b,9',1/2",ascend,Bamboo 6-18
4b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia murielae sabe 939- 12'h,1/2"d,z5a,clump,Bamboo 6-18 clump 4b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia murielae 'Simba' z4b,6'h,1/2"d,clumping,Bamboo 6-18 clump 4b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia murielae- z5,13'h,1/2"d,clump,Umbrella Bamboo 6-18 clump 5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida- z5,10-12'h,1/2"d,weep,Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'Anceps' z5a,12'h,.5"d,Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'de Belder' Fountain Bamboo 6-20

Fargesia nitida 'Eisenach' z5,8'h,3/8"d,Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'Ems River' z5b,12',.5",Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigo' Bamboo 6-20

Fargesia nitida 'McClure' 18',z5b,shade,Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'Nymphenberg' z5a,12',Fountain Bamboo 6-20
5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida PI 265286- z5a,10'h,1/4"d,clump,Bamboo 6-20 clump 5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia nitida 'Red Fountain' 10-14'h,red culms,Bamboo 10-14

Fargesia nitida 'Stream Cottage/de Belder' 8-10',Bamboo 6-20

Fargesia nitida 'Wakehurst'z4b,12',1/2",red stem,Bamboo 6-20
4b 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia papyrifera- 10',clump,blu-grn stem,Bamboo 10 clump

Fargesia robusta 'Green Screen' clump,15-18'x6',Bamboo 15-18 6

Fargesia robusta 'Wenchuan' 15',1"dia,z8,clump Bamboo 15 clump 8
Fargesia robusta 'Wolong' z8,16',Clumping Bamboo 16 clump 8
Fargesia robusta- z7-9,12-15',dark green,clump Bamboo 12-15 clump 7a
Fargesia rufa- z5a,8'h,1/2"d,orange culm,clump,Bamboo 6-15 clump 5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia rufa- 6-9',z5-9.clumping,Bamboo 6-15 clump 5-9 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia rufa 'Gansu z5a,7-8'h,1/2"d,pink,Bamboo 7-8
5a 2B,3-9,14-24,26,28-37,39,40
Fargesia rufa 'Green Panda' Bamboo 6-15

Fargesia rufa 'Sunset Glow' Bamboo 6-15

Fargesia scabrid 'Asian Wonder' 9-12'h,z5-9,Bamboo 9-12
Fargesia scabrida- 14',3/4"dia,z6,Clumping Bamboo 14 clump 6
Fargesia utilis- z7a,13-18'h,3/4"d,weeping,clump,Bamboo 13-18 clump 7a
Gigantochloa atroviolacea-z9b,40' Tropical Black Bamboo 40
Gigantochloa atter- Pring Legi,Sweet Bamboo



Gigantochloa luteostriata- variegated Bamboo



Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea- z10a,40'+,Bamboo 40-
Guadua angustifolia- z10a,Giant American Timber Bamboo

Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima' z5,6-10',Bamboo 6-10


Himalayacalamus (Drepanostachyum)- Bamboo



Himalayacalamus asper- slender red stems,Bamboo



Himalayacalamus falconeri- Candy Stripe Bamboo



Himalayacalamus falconeri 'Damarapa/Candy Cane' Bamboo



Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Baby Blue' dwf Blue Bamboo



Himalayacalamus hookerianus- Blue Bamboo



Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Teague's Blue' Bamboo



Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Trailor Park' Bamboo



Himalayacalamus porcatus- Byron/Porcata Blue Bamboo



Indocalamus crassiflora- Bamboo 03-4
Indocalamus latifolius- 6-12',Broadleaf Bamboo 3-12
Indocalamus latifolius 'Hebei' Bamboo 03-4
Indocalamus longiauritus- 6-12',Bamboo 3-12
Indocalamus solidus- <8',Bamboo 03-8
Indocalamus tesselatus- z5,3-7'h,1/2"d,Giantleaf Bamboo 3-7 runner 6a 3B,4-9,14-24,31-37,39,40
Indocalamus tessellatus 'McClure' z5b,8'h,1/2"d,Bamboo 3-8 runner 5b 3B,4-9,14-24,31-37,39,40
Otatea (Yushania) bamboo



Otatea acuminata aztecorum- Dwf Mexican Weeping Bamboo 12


Otatea acuminata 'Mayan Silver' MX weeping Bamboo 12


Otatea acuminata 'Michoacan' MX weeping Bamboo 12


Otatea acuminiata-20'h,1.5"d,z9,Mexican Weeping Bamboo 12


Otatea aztecorum- z8-11,Mexican Weeping Bamboo



Otatea fimbriata- Bamboo



Phyllosatchys propinqua- z5a,30',2",distinct new,Bamboo 30
Phyllostachys angusta-Stone Bamboo



Phyllostachys arcana- Bamboo



Phyllostachys arcana 'Luteosulcata' Bamboo



Phyllostachys atrovaginata-z5b,35'h,Incense Bamboo 35
Phyllostachys aurea- 22'h,1.75"d,Fishpole/Golden Bamboo 6-25 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys aurea albovariegata- z6a,27'h,1.7",Bamboo 6-30 running 6a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys aurea flavescens inversa- z6a,27',Bamboo 6-30 running 6a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys aurea holochrysa- 13-27',Golden Bamboo 13-27


Phyllostachys aurea 'Koi' z6a,27'h,yellow culm,Bamboo 27
Phyllostachys aurea 'Takemurai' Bamboo



Phyllostachys aureosulcata- 20',z6,Yellow Groove Bamboo 15-30 running 5-9 3B,4-9,14-24,26,28-37,39-40
Phyllostachys aureosulcata alata- z5a,42',groove,Bamboo 15-20 running 5a 3B,4-9,14-24,26,28-37,39-40
Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis-z6,26',Bamboo 15-25 running 6a 3B,4-9,14-24,26,28-37,39-40
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Golden Crookstem' Bamboo 15 running
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin Inversa' 26',Bamboo 15-26 running
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin' z5a,18',1.5",Bamboo 15-18 running 5a 3B,4-9,14-24,26,28-37,39-40
Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis- z5b,26',Bamboo 26 running 5b 3B,4-9,14-24,26,28-37,39-40
Phyllostachys aureosulcata- Yellow/Gold Groove Bamboo 15 running
Phyllostachys aureovarigata nana- dwarf Bamboo -30
Phyllostachys bambusoides- Giant/Madake/Timber Bamboo

Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Albovariegata' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Allgold' 40',ylw culm,Bamboo 40


Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castillon Inversa' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castillon' yllw/green,Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Houzeau' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Madake' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Marliac / Corduroy' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Robert Young' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Slender Crookstem' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Subvariegata' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Tanakae' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides vivax- Timber Bamboo



Phyllostachys bambusoides 'White Crookstem' Bamboo



Phyllostachys bissetii- z5,15-30',clump,Bisset's Bamboo 15-30 clump 6a A3,3-9,14-24,31-37,39,40
Phyllostachys bissetti 'Dwarf' z4b,18',1 1/4"d,Bamboo 18-20 running 4a A3,3-9,14-24,31-37,39,40
Phyllostachys congesta/atrovaginata- Incense Bamboo



Phyllostachys decora-z6a,25'h,2"d,heat,Beautiful Bamboo 25
Phyllostachys dulcis-30'h,2.75"d,z6-9,Sweetshoot Bamboo 30
Phyllostachys edulis 'Bicolor' Moso Bamboo



Phyllostachys edulis- z7a,to 75'h,7"d,Moso Bamboo 75
Phyllostachys elegans- Elegant Bamboo



Phyllostachys flavescens- Golden/Fishpole Bamboo



Phyllostachys flexuosa- 15-25',z5,clump,Zig Zag Bamboo 15-25 clump 5a
Phyllostachys flexuosa 'Kimmei' Zig Zag Bamboo



Phyllostachys glauca- Smooth Bamboo



Phyllostachys glauca 'Yungzhu' Bamboo



Phyllostachys heter. pubescens 'Moso' China,<75',Bamboo -75


Phyllostachys hetereocycla pubescens 'Ron Miller'Bamboo



Phyllostachys heteroclada- Fishscale/Water Bamboo

Phyllostachys heteroclada 'Purpurata' Water Bamboo



Phyllostachys heteroclada 'Solidstem' Water Bamboo



Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens 'Inodomi' Bamboo



Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens-60',7"d,Moso Bamboo -60


Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens-SpringBeauty Bamboo



Phyllostachys heterocycla- Tortoiseshell/Water Bamboo



Phyllostachys humilis- 14-22',Bamboo 14-22


Phyllostachys incarnata- z6a,40'h,3"d,running,Bamboo 40 running 6a
Phyllostachys iridescens- blue iridescence Bamboo



Phyllostachys makinoi- <60',3"d,Kei-chiku,Guizhu Bamboo -60


Phyllostachys mannii- 20-40',2"d,Decora Bamboo 20-40


Phyllostachys meyeri- z6b,30'h,dark grn,Meyer's Bamboo 30
Phyllostachys nidularia 'Farcta' Broom/Big Node Bamboo



Phyllostachys nidularia-z7,33',2",Broom/Big Node Bamboo 33
Phyllostachys nigra- 30'h,2"d,z6,blk/grn,Black Bamboo 4-30 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Bory' 40',Leopard/Snakeskin Bamboo 4-40 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Bory'50',mottle,Snake Skin Bamboo 4-50 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Daikokuchiku' Black Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Folsom Giant' Black Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Hale' z5a,20',1.5"Bblack Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Hennon/Henon' 65'h,Black Bamboo 4-65 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Megurochiku'35',Black Bamboo 4-35 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Muchisasa' Black Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Othello' Black Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Shimadake'40'h,3.5"d,Black Bamboo 4-40 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra 'Tosaensis' Black Bamboo 4-20 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nigra'Vivax' 55'h,5"d,z6-9,Black Bamboo 4-55 running 6a 4-9,14-34
Phyllostachys nuda- 15-30',Nude Sheath/Snow Bamboo 15-30


Phyllostachys nuda localis- 48'h,Spotted Naked Bamboo 48
Phyllostachys platyglossa- <25',Gray Water Bamboo -25


Phyllostachys praecox-z6a,35',Early Spring Shoot Bamboo 35
Phyllostachys propinqua- 12-25',Beijing Bamboo 12-25


Phyllostachys purpurata 'Straightstem' Water Bamboo

Phyllostachys rubromarginata 'Bloomingdale' Bamboo



Phyllostachys rubromarginata-<60',Red margin Bamboo -60
Phyllostachys 'Sasa Veitchi' Scottish Bamboo



Phyllostachys stimulosa- China,15-25',Bamboo 15-25


Phyllostachys violascens- 30',2"d,z7,Bamboo 30
Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens- Greenwax Golden Bamboo



Phyllostachys viridis 'Houzeau' 45',ylw Pigskin Bamboo 45


Phyllostachys viridis 'Robert Young' Pigskin Bamboo



Phyllostachys viridis- z5b,30-48'h,3.5"d,Pigskin Bamboo 30-50
Phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis- 70'h,ylw culm,Bamboo 70


Phyllostachys vivax 'Huangwenzhu Inversa'z6b,72',Bamboo 72
Phyllostachys vivax- z5b,70'h,5.5"d,run,Timber Bamboo 70 running 5b
Pleioblastus akebono- z6b,18"h,1/4"d,running,Bamboo 1-2 running 6b
Pleioblastus amarus- Ku Zhu Bamboo



Pleioblastus argenteostriatus 'Glaber tsuboi' 3' Bamboo 3


Pleioblastus argenteostriatus- running 2-4'h,Bamboo 2-4 running

Pleioblastus argenteostriatus- z6b,3'h,1/4"d,run,Bamboo 3 running 6b
Pleioblastus auricomus- z7-11,Kumurozasa Bamboo

Pleioblastus 'Chino aureo striatus' Bamboo



Pleioblastus chino 'Kimmei' 6-12',Bamboo 6-12


Pleioblastus chino 'Murakamiensis' 3'+,thicket,Bamboo 3-


Pleioblastus chino vaginatus variegatus- z5,2-3',Bamboo 2-3
Pleioblastus chino- z7a,10'h,1/2"d,narrow leaf,Bamboo 10
Pleioblastus chrysophyllus- golden variegated Bamboo



Pleioblastus distichus 'Mini' z6,6-8"h,Fernleaf Bamboo 0.5-1 running 6a 5-9,14-34
Pleioblastus distichus-2'h,1/8"d,z8,Dwf Fernleaf Bamboo 2-3 running 8a 5-9,14-34
Pleioblastus fortunei 'Variegatus'1',whitestripe Bamboo 1


Pleioblastus fortunei/varg-4'h,1/4"d,Whitestripe Bamboo 4


Pleioblastus gramineus akebono- Bamboo



Pleioblastus gramineus 'Monstrispiralis' Bamboo



Pleioblastus gramineus- z6b,12'h,1/2"d,slenderlf,Bamboo 12
Pleioblastus hindsii- Hindsi Bamboo



Pleioblastus hindsii 'Yasui' mound,uprt,running Bamboo

Pleioblastus hogumosasa- z5,1-2',running,Pygmy Bamboo 1-2 running 5a
Pleioblastus humiliis' z5b,7'h,1/4"d,running,Bamboo 7 running 5
Pleioblastus jap. pleioblastoides- Bamboo



Pleioblastus kongosanensis 'Akibensis' Bamboo



Pleioblastus kongosanensis 'Aureostriatus' Bamboo



Pleioblastus linearis- 8',thicket,Linear Bamboo 8 thicket

Pleioblastus linearis 'Nana' Linear Bamboo



Pleioblastus okinosasa- z5,18-24",runnning,Pygmy Bamboo 1-2 running 5a
Pleioblastus pumilus- 3-6',slender,dwarf Bamboo 3-6


Pleioblastus pygmaeus- 2'h,1/8"d,z8-9,Pygmy Bamboo 2
Pleioblastus pygmaeus dist. 'Wooster's Dwarf' 5" Bamboo 0.5


Pleioblastus pygmaeus distacha-2' Fernleaf Pygmy Bamboo 1-2


Pleioblastus pygmaeus 'Ramosissimus' Bamboo



Pleioblastus shibuyanus 'Tsubo/Ueda-zasai' 9'h,Bamboo 4-9 running 7a 4-9,14-24
Pleioblastus simonii variegatus- 18'h1.5"d,Medak Bamboo 18


Pleioblastus simonii- z5b,18',1/2",taper,Medake Bamboo 18
Pleioblastus tsugososa-2" willowleaf,groundcover Bamboo 0.2


Pleioblastus variegatus-z6a,4',Whitestripe Dwarf Bamboo 3-4 02 5b
Pleioblastus viridi-striatus chrysophuyllus- 2',Bamboo 2


Pleioblastus viridi-striatus-2',z5,green stripe Bamboo 2
Pleioblastus xestrophyllus- <6',Bamboo -6


Polygonum cuspid. 'Spectibile' Mexican Bamboo 04


Pseudosasa amabilis- Tonkin Cane/Tea stick Bamboo



Pseudosasa cantori- Bamboo



Pseudosasa japonica- 18'h,3/4"d,z7,Yadake/Arrow Bamboo 6-18 running 7a 4-9,14-34
Pseudosasa japonica- 3 branches per node Arrow Bamboo 6-18 running
Pseudosasa japonica 'Akebono' Arrow Bamboo 6-18 running
Pseudosasa japonica 'Akebonosuji' Arrow Bamboo 6-18 running
Pseudosasa japonica pleioblastoides-z6a,15',3/4",Bamboo 6-18 running 6a 4-9,14-34
Pseudosasa japonica 'Tsutsumiana' z6a,18',3/4",Bamboo 6-18 running 6a 4-9,14-34
Pseudosasa japonica- Tsutsumiana/Green Onion Bamboo 6-18 running
Pseudosasa longiligula- 25',z7-10,Bamboo 25
Pseudosasa owatarii- 6"-3'h,z7a,mow,Pygmy Bamboo 0.5-3
Pseudosasa 'Tsutsumiana' Bamboo



Pseudosasa usawai- 8-16',z8-10,stiff dark leaf,Bamboo 8-16
Qiongzhuea tumidinoda- z6a,20',3/4",Swollwn Node Bamboo 20
Sasa albostriata- White Striped DwarBamboo



Sasa arimaguensis- Bamboo



Sasa boarealis- Bamboo



Sasa 'Fuji Gardens' Bamboo



Sasa humilis- Bamboo



Sasa kurilensis 'Dwarf Form' Bamboo



Sasa kurilensis 'Simofuri'z6a,6',3/8",6"leaf,run,Bamboo 6
Sasa kurilensis- z6-9,10'h,runner,narrow leaf,Bamboo 10 running 6a
Sasa kurilensis- z6-9,Bamboo

Sasa megalophylla #2- Bamboo



Sasa megalophylla densa- Bamboo



Sasa nagimontana- Bamboo



Sasa nipponica- Bamboo



Sasa oshidensis- Bamboo



Sasa palmata 'Nebulosa' 6'+,slender stem,lg lf,Bamboo 6-


Sasa palmata nebulosa- z7,3-5'h,15"x3" Palm Leaf Bamboo 3-5
Sasa palmata- z7b,7'h,1/2"d,fan leaf,running,Bamboo 03-5 running 6-10
Sasa pygmaea- 1'h,clump,z7,dwarf / Pygmy Bamboo 1 clump 6-10
Sasa senanensis- 5-8',z5,shrub,running,Senan Bamboo 5-8 running 5a
Sasa shibataea- Bamboo



Sasa shimidzuana- Bamboo



Sasa tesselata/Indocalamus- 3'h,z6,Bamboo 3
Sasa tsuboiana 'Green View' Bamboo



Sasa tsuboiana- z6-9,4-6'h,fast spreading,dark,Bamboo 4-6 spreading 6a
Sasa veitchii 'Dwarf' Bamboo



Sasa veitchii 'Hirsuta' Bamboo



Sasa veitchii 'Kuma Zasa' 1-6',Bamboo 1-6


Sasa veitchii minor- 3-4'h,USNArbo.,Silver Edge Bamboo 3-4
Sasa veitchii-2-3',z5,running,winter Silver Edge Bamboo 2-4 running 5a
Sasaella albo-striata- dwarf Bamboo



Sasaella bitchuensis- Bamboo



Sasaella hidaensis muraii- Bamboo



Sasaella masamuneama albostriata- 1-6'h,Pygmy Bamboo 1-6


Sasaella masamuneama aureostriata- 1-6'h,Pygmy Bamboo 1-6


Sasaella masamuneana- Bamboo



Sasaella ramosa- z6b,3',1/4",run,aggressive,sun,Bamboo 3
Sasaella sasakiana- Bamboo



Sasaella shiobarensis- Bamboo



Sasamorpha borealis- Bamboo



Schizostachyum brachycladum- Green Form Bamboo



Schizostachyum brachycladum- Yellow Form Bamboo



Semiarundinaria fastuosa- Palm/Narihira/Temple Bamboo



Semiarundinaria fastuosa viridis- z6b,20' Temple Bamboo 2-
Semiarundinaria fastuosa-30'h,PalmTree/Nahira Bamboo 30


Semiarundinaria fortis- Bamboo



Semiarundinaria 'Korea' Bamboo



Semiarundinaria makinoi- Bamboo



Semiarundinaria okuboi-z6b,20',large lf.Birodona Bamboo 20
Semiarundinaria yamadori- Bamboo



Semiarundinaria yashadake- Bamboo



Semiarundinaria yashadake 'Kimmel' 25',ylw culm,Bamboo 25


Shibataea chinensis- z7-11,ZigZag Bamboo 01-3 running 6a
Shibataea kumasasa 'Albostriata' Okamezasa Bamboo 01-3 running 6a
Shibataea kumasasa- z5,3-6',running,Okamezasa Bamboo 1-6 running 6a
Shibataea lancifolia- Bamboo 01-3 running 6a
Sinobambusa intermedia- z7a,16',1"d,2'internode,Bamboo 16
Sinobambusa tootsik- Chinese Temple Bamboo 12


Sinobambusa tootsik 'Albostriata' Chinese Temple Bamboo 12


Sinobambusa tootsik 'Variegata' dense,Temple Bamboo 12


Thamnocalamus aristatus- tight clumps,slender,Bamboo

Thamnocalamus crassinodus- Bamboo



Thamnocalamus crassinodus 'Merlin' Bamboo



Thamnocalamus spathiflorus- Bamboo



Thamnocalamus spathiflorus 'Weihan' Bamboo



Thamnocalamus tessellatus-z6b,16',1"d,Bergbamboe Bamboo 16
Thyrostachys siamensis- 40',3"d,z9b,Monastery Bamboo 40


Thyrostachys siamensis affinis-smaller Monastery Bamboo



Yushania anceps- 10-12'h,1/2"d.,z6b,arch,runs,Bamboo 10-12 running 6b
Yushania anceps 'Pitt White' thicket,15',arching,Bamboo 15


Yushania chungii (brevipaniculata)- Bamboo



Yushania maling- 15'+ clump,stiff dark leaf,Bamboo 15 clump


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