wholesale nurseries in IOWA

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All entries listed here are subject to change, due to ongoing editing.  
(Note:  in UPDATE column- "not stated" or "ns" means the nursery does not show any date
on their availability list; the year shown is the year the list was collected from the nursery.)

These are wholesale nurseries that generally sell
only in large volume and not to the public.

 nursery name city items update area phone fax email website
Breitbach Tree Farm Dubuque 45 not stated 563 590-1303 557-3227 email website
Cascade Forestry Nursery Cascade 78 2004 2005 563 852-3042 852-5004 email website
It's In the Ground Panama 72 2005 Sprg 712 489-2044 489-2061 email
Mount Arbor Nurseries Shenandoah 308 2002-2003 712 246-4250 246-1841 email
Sherman Nursery Charles City 1054 2004 Sprg 800 747-5980 361-7759 email website

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