collection of wholesale cycad palm varieties

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All varieties listed here are contained in the search database, i.e. they can be found at a wholesale grower in the search database as they have been found in actual growers' availability/catalogs.  For maps and descriptions of USDA hardiness and Sunset climate zones and areas, visit the  Zones  page.

June 2014

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 wholesale cycad varieties

name high ft wide ft USDA zones Sunset climate zones
Alpinia purpurata- 6-15" spike flower,Red Ginger 02-08
8 14-29,H
Alpinia zerumbet variegata- z8-10,Variegated Ginger 06-12
8 14-29,H
Alpinia zerumbet- white,frag,9x4',Dwarf Shell Ginger 06-12
8 14-29,H
Alpinia zerumbet/speciosa- z8,wht/red,Shell Ginger 06-12
8 14-29,H
Bactris brongniartii- Palm



Bactris gasipaes- Peach Palm



Cyanthea cooperi- 7-15',z6b,Australian Tree Fern 7-15
Cyanthea cooperi 'Brentwood' Australian Tree Fern



Cyathea (Sphaeropteris) australis- Australian Tree Fern



Cyathea (Sphaeropteris)cooperi-z9b,Australian Tree Fern 20 12 9 15-25,27,H
Hibiscus californicus/lasiocarpus- California Hibiscus 06-10 03-4 6-9
Ipomoea indica- Blue Dawn Flower 15

Licania michauxii (Chrysobalanus oblongi.) Gopher Apple 7-10


Nierembergia repens- z7a,2"h,mat,White Cup 0.5 2 7a 5-9,14-31,H1
Phyla nodiflora- Turkey Tangle,Sawtooth Frog Fruit 2 open 6a 8-29,H
Roscheria melanochaetes- Palm



Sidalcea 'Rosanna' more compact, rose, Prairie mallow 02-3 01.5 5-7a
Tiarella 'Dark Eye' cordifolia Foamflower 0.5-1 01-3 3-8
Viola- Pansy, per nursery




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